Training in Ojai C.A.

28–30 January, 2015 in USA, Ojai, California, Vivienne Constad and Sherine Lovegrove (SCENAR UK) in association with Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical” conducted the training course for professionals on SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy.

The training was held at a beautiful place at the Krishna Murti Centre called ‘The Pepper Tree Retreat’ Retreat Events and Education Center in Ojai (

We had a fantastic group of students again and the course went very well.

The training programme was presented by two experts in SCENAR and COSMODIC from UK, VIVIENNE CONSTAD ITEC., APNT., BCMA. Reg., CNHC., GCMT.,and SHERINE LOVEGROVE, BSc Psychology (Hons)., Dip. EH.NLP., RGN., Senior Assoc. Member of Royal College of Medicine, MBPsS Reg. UKCP., NLPtCA., CNHC., ACRIPT., BIH., BHA., EMDR Institute INC.

We have covered all aspects for healing technologies of “LET Medical”, both in theory and practice as well as an integrated and holistic approach to recovery.

We discussed practical use and professional techniques, shared opinions and skills in SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy.

Our training, as usual, included hands-on experience in the use of SCENAR and COSMODIC healing technology with pre-arranged volunteers. Students could really use the techniques and observe effects produced by the devices and also operate different treatment modes and learn how to best use them.

We arrange our courses with a limited number of students, as from our own experience, this has proved to be the best for our students to get the most from the training and allows them to receive enough of our personal attention.

Reviews from the students:

    • I had the honor of attending Vivienne & Sherine’s 3 day Cosmodic/Scenar professional training in Ojai, CA. From the very start of the course it was clear that quintessential experts in the industry were teaching accurate information from the source of the technology. Vivienne Constad has worked closely with scientist, inventor and founder of "LET Medical" Research Laboratory, Alexander Karasev for many years to develop effectual and accredited protocol to properly educate and train professionals and home users.

    • While doing research on the web, prior to my training with Vivienne and Sherine, I had encountered a great amount of false and inaccurate information from a plethora of websites, videos and sales representatives which resulted in both confusion and many ineffective (and sometimes regressive) treatments. Vivienne & Sherine’s course delivers accurate history, use of the device, and a solid protocol that is clear and effective.

    • Both Vivienne and Sherine are excellent teachers. Their training was well planned with the appropriate amount of time for learning, observing and working with the device. When I left their 3-day class I felt clear, prepared, confident and enthusiastic. The classes were held in a comfortable setting, with a well planned itinerary, in depth power point to lead us through, literature for each student to follow and take with them, and pre-arranged volunteers to be treated by both the teachers for observation and students for hands on experience. Vivienne and Sherine provided nutritious and healthy refreshments and arranged for quality lunches to be brought in to maximize time each day.

    • This is a professional, legitimate and powerful training class that I highly recommend.

    • Truly, S. Chernoff

    • Encinitas, CA USA

    • This 3-day seminar in beautiful Ojai, California, was extremely informative. I learned how to use my Cosmodic device properly for the first time since I purchased it 4 months prior. The information and protocols I had been using (as given to me by the agent I purchased from), were for older technology and little did I know, did not apply to this device! I am so thankful I was able to attend this seminar.

    • ivienne and Sherine are extremely skilled practitioners and were able to impart their knowledge easily and effortlessly, while still making the course fun and interesting. What was really helpful was being able to treat others on 2 of the 3 days.

    • I am now very clear on how my EX735ag slider x2 works and how to use it properly. I cannot wait to put into practice what I learned. Using the device the way it was intended will truly optimize results for the people I treat.

    • Thank you so much Vivienne and Sherine!

    • Suzie Scarpaci, RN

    • January 2015

    • I just finished the training on SCENAR and COSMODIC therapy in Ojai a few days ago. It was beyond my expectations!!! I have been using the Cosmodic for a few months with nice results but missed a lot of information: how the device really works, what to expect, how to proceed in managing chronic conditions and proper techniques of using the device.

    • Everything I was missing was covered in the course and more. There is a lot of wrong information out there and I now feel I have the right information to better treat my clients. Vivienne and Sherine work closely with “LET Medical” in the development of Cosmodic and now I trust that I can give my clients the best treatment with this device.

    • We had 3 full days of instruction and practical application on clients.

    • Even during breaks we did not leave the room as valuable information was still shared. As they are passionate about Cosmodic, Vivienne and Sherine kept on answering questions and sharing clinical experiences. The training is kept to small numbers 6-8 maximum with 2 instructors, we got the benefit of close supervision. Before the course started I thought the price is expensive, now I know that it is amazingly affordable with this ratio of participants and trainers.

    • In the past i thought that as it is an automatic device training is not needed, now I know how necessary it is. I can't recommend it enough.

    • Anat Dagan

    • Ojai, USA

    • This was an amazing class. What I learned exceeded my expectations. My thanks to the instructors, Vivienne and Sherine. Their expertise and knowledge was presented in a very methodical way. Having few students allowed a one-to-one approach to learning the historical background and basics, to using the device on real volunteers.

    • Having trained for many years in many modalities, my desire was to find the next healing technique to assist my clients in healing. The information and explanations were clearly available and assisted in my learning. I loved the hands on approach, especially on classmates and volunteers.

    • I would recommend this course to others in the professional field as the information and knowledge was outstanding. The use of this technology is a direct link into the new healing I desire for my clients. I am proud to have been included in this class as it has opened my world to medical conditions that I found difficult to treat.

    • Thanks again,

    • Dr. Marilyn Chernoff

Personal comments from the tutors:

Once again we are pleased to have met such a great group of people.

Our days were highly enjoyable and we all learned from each other. Our days were in the most fabulous room overlooking the orange groves and each mealtime we were able to pick oranges, mandarins or grapefruits from the trees around the grounds.

There was a wonderful herb garden where we were invited to stay and assist as and if desired.

We were in fact out one afternoon in the town shopping when someone who had heard about us, offered himself as client to be worked on, naturally we were pleased to oblige. We have since been asked to return and we shall naturally do so.