NC - Article

NC - Article

Training - September 2010

North Carolina, U S A

Our training in Association with LET Medical for use of the technology of Cosmodic Professional device, took place this September in Waynesville North Carolina.

We were fortunate to have been looked after by the most wonderful Inn-keepers, Ron and Rachel Reid at the Andon-Reid Inn.

Their Inn is situated on a beautiful mountainside a short walk from the town centre.

One is easily able to walk to Main Street where there is a cacophony of wonderful shops and gallery’s just waiting to be frequented.

Bookshops, coffee houses and the General Store, all are inviting, with friendly staff and a great selection of coffees and also non-toxic beverages.

Even a place that bakes cakes and biscuits just for dogs!!!

We were waited on hand and foot and had a very rewarding time throughout our stay.

The lady that brought us and "COSMODIC" to Waynesville North Carolina is Diannah Beauregard.

A local Jeweller and Artist, of great acclaim.

Her work is of a very high quality and very spiritual. She lives in the mountains and does a huge amount of work raising money and awareness for local charities and causes.

I highly recommend a consult to gifting for any special occasions!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Diannah Beauregard. (Thank you Diannah!)

In 2005 Diannah had visited the Uk and become interested in Cosmodic - S.C.E.N.A.R. and my work.

She has been following my work and working with her own device since that time.

At the start we had thought Waynesville a wonderful place to stay and give simple presentations, and our main objective had been simply to bring assistance to a small number of people who needed help, although we had considered the possibility of training anyone that was interested. However since that time and due to popular demand we decided to promote training and just go for it!!


Of course our work would not have run as smoothly without the fantastic organising skills of all those who participated, as it became a totally hands on experience for all.

So a big “Thank You” to you all, for having made such a successful and enjoyable trip for everyone concerned. From taxiing people to and fro, running errands, printing, faxing and as acting receptionist and organising restaurants and making sure events run on time, to taking calls, processing data and getting people together for outings and so on … it was a wild time.

We had some wonderful evenings at our host’s house in the mountains and cooked on the Bar-b-q, produce that they had grown in the garden.

Our gardener and of course co-host Jimmy Swift.

Towards the end of the second week, we had to vacate the Andon-Reid Inn as they had a large wedding party coming so they introduced us to some friends of theirs in Downtown Waynesville a place called The Herron House.

The Herron House.

Downtown Waynesville

Our last couple of days were spent with our new friends in Downtown Waynesville Gerry and Roland at The Herron House.

They too, served us fantastic breakfasts, according to our own choice and even presented us with a souvenir on leaving, very kind, thank you Gerry and Roland.

Sadly we have no clear photos to show of our kindly innkeepers here.

We were now only minutes away from Downtown anything and spent the last few hours, that we were not working, perusing the local produce and visiting the galleries and local coffee house and nearby quilt shop.

We saw this car plate on our return walk from shopping and it just seemed to sum it up for us all …

Last but by no means least I personally would like to say a really big thank you to Andrea who gave up her currently chaotic life for our trip and accompanied me with only a moments notice in order to assist me in our work.

She had been one of my most promising students, and I thought she deserved the opportunity to come and work alongside me in a busy environment.

We worked so well together and although it was very hard work for all of us, to have stepped into this demanding role was a massive commitment, very well executed on her part.

Without this help, life would not have been the same!

Always a cheerie smile and the offer of a helping hand.

Since our return, sadly Andrea discontinued her training and no longer works with us.

We would like to wish her every success with her future in her chosen journey.

However we are unable to support or take responsibility for her level of skill in the use of LET Medical technology or advice that she may give in therapy or nutritional matters or actions and can not be held accountable for any matter that may arise from any instruction or material or action produced by her or her parties or materials taken from notes produced, during her period spent in our training program.