Double Fracture..

Double fracture to ankle.

Female : 78 yrs

The case of a 78 year old woman with osteo conditions. Having been diagnosed by the emergency unit with a double fracture to the ankle she was sent home as the wait of 8 hours for specialist attention had caused so much swelling that they were unable to plaster the injury. She was attended to with scenar within the following 12 hours.

Day 1 before and after treatment.

Day 3 before and after treatment.

Day 6 before and after treatment.

Day 14 before and after treatment.

Her sessions were given on a twice-daily basis.

Within the first session 75% of the swelling subsided. After 2nd session all bruising came out, 75% of it recovered. After 4th session mobility was greatly improved, say 80%. After 6th session 95% of the bruising was gone, mobility returned to normal and there was no pain now even without the influence of scenar. Plus her return to the emergency unit confirmed that there were now no fractures, cracks or damage to this ankle at all.

Also the influence of the electrical biofeedback (of scenar) enabled her body to heal a number of other complaints that she had suffered with for more than 30 years, including eczema between the fingers, tinnitus and a major improvement with her chronic asthma.

There was also a marked improvement in the arthritis in her shoulders and upper spine. She was now able to lie down to sleep. For many years her sleeping position had been sitting up with the aid of 4 pillows. She was now able to walk totally unaided unlike before where she used 2 sticks, and her feeling and vitality improved to that of her previous 20 years.