Chronic Bi-Polar

Chronic Bi-Polar

Female 50yrs


• Bi polar

• Regular (often extreme) psychotic episodes.

• Arthritis in knees and shoulders.

• Severely dyslexic.

• Digestive imbalance.

• Migraine.

• Previous kidney infections.

• Injury to ligaments.

• Always a sickly child, having kidney and

digestive issues.

Presenting symptoms on arrival November 2008

• Pain in knees and shoulder.

• Bloating in stomach.

• Foggy in head and sleepy.

• Lacking of energy.

• Confusion.

• Tiredness.

• Many years of substantially high levels of

Anti psychotic medication.

We began work with Cosmodic on the first session to see just how her body would respond. Having worked on this occasion and causing tremendous relief to all symptoms we continued with screening this patient to determine which were her weakened systems in order of her body’s order of priority for recovery.

The screening showed that a number of her systems were energetically weakened. Much of the charts showed that of her kidneys, liver, lymph and immune systems were sluggish or low. We chose to support these systems with supplements and within four weeks all these systems had improved.

Each four weeks we have rescreened and changed or rearranged appropriate supplements for her current health. We have also worked twice weekly on occasion at the start of each course followed by weekly and fortnightly sessions of Cosmodic when appropriate.

We began work at the end of the year 2008.

Ceased over the December break period as she was away. But continued until her first proper break period in March 2009. (16 sessions in all)

By which time her systems were all much stronger and her only issue was still a weakening of energy to the kidneys which she had had a tendency to since childhood.

Her next course took 11 sessions and began in June 2009 finishing in August 2009.

Her third course began in October 2009 and by now we were only working with her body as it needed treatment, this was as according to symptoms and more sporadic. This ceased in December 2009 when she returned to her mother country of Spain, where she met with her consultant. The report from her consultant showed that her medication was no longer needed to be as great and had been reduced by 65%. Also her condition was now stabilised and the need for the level of care that she had undergone for the past 20 years or so was no longer required.

She has since returned to this country and to higher education and is at the end of her first year of a ‘Masters’ at Goldsmiths in Art Psychotherapy. As she suffers with chronic Dyslexia also, to have passed with a reasonable level so far is a great achievement for her, of which I am very proud.

I will place two charts for all to see.

One is the first chart that we took at the start of treatment and the other from June 2010, showing her improvement to date. Even with little understanding of these charts, it is easy to see the change.