Evy's review

Evy's review

Dear Vivienne, Thank you for a fantastic training course. I enjoyed every minute of it, and it was wörth every penny. It was well organized and the material was presentet in a clear and interesting way by our competent and efficient teachers.

The practical application was very useful because we got the opportunity to treat each other. The course documents is very valuable to me - it is my bible now!

Again, thank you so very much for a most giving training course!

Warmest regards,


Evy Pedersen


V. Boulevarden 47

29131 Kristianstad

044-21 32 06 / 070 77 33 526


This course was really important to me, because in my corner of the world there are only a few Scenar therapeuts and nobody as far as I know, has got the new EX735Ag. I needed to learn how to use the device up to its potentials, and how to use it in a more structural way. I did learn that on the course, and I went home with more selfconfidence in my work, and still more admiration for a divice I think is a state of the art within alternative treatment. As one of my clients said: Alexander Karasov deserves the Nobel Price.