Triple Fracture

Triple fracture to ankle

Male: 26yrs

8th July 2010 - Diagnosed 18 months ago approximately: Triple fracture to ankle.Underwent an operation in which plates, screws and pins were fitted inside ankle.

Apparently the operation had caused a blood clot to form and subsequently he had been put on blood thinning medication for a year and this had ceased two or three days prior to coming to see me.

Two years ago his hair at the front had started to thin and he is keen to try to encourage new growth.

His work is in the building trade and as such he has found that he has been much disabled by the metal that is restricting his mobility even though it has been some time since the operation. There was considerable swelling on his first visit and much of the ankle area has numbness. Restricted mobility and tender and soreness to areas that do still have sensation.

After the first session the swelling had reduced considerably.

He was able to bend and stoop without duress and felt much relaxed. Much numbness had also decreased.

He suggested that his diet was rather poor and we screened him with the system, bio-meridian vantage. I made some suggestions as to products that he could order and take to aid his nutritional support and also to some changes in other areas of his diet. In general, his appearance is very fit and he exercised regularly at the gym until of course recently. However he is beginning to go back to the gym now.

He has reported that since we have been working, his sleeping has improved.

On session 4, he reported that he has no pain at all now, unless he is bending his leg in a certain position and then the pain is slight. When he arrived to session 4, I asked him how he was and his answer was … Blinding!!

There is still some swelling compared to the normal ankle.

We have now reduced him to a weekly session from twice weekly and we cancelled an appointment yesterday as there was no change and he did not require any work, this was his weekly session. Case on going…

First session - before working

After working

Update: 12th August 2010

We worked again for a 5th session over two weeks ago and are still waiting for the next symptom to return before working again …

Session Number 5.