Leg-Hip-Shoulder pain

Leg-Hip-Shoulder pain

Treated 1st July 2011

Patient details.

Equipment: New Prototype Modific

Gender / age: Female 60 years

Presented condition/ complaint:

Due to having broken a leg over a year ago, pains in the good leg have begun in the last two weeks. The patient believes that this is due to over use as she hopped about a great deal on the good leg whilst the damaged one was in plaster. There has been a spot of sciatica in this pained side also. Plus she had an ache in one shoulder.

Past medical conditions:

Osteoporosis had been diagnosed some years ago and some scoliosis in the spine also. Since having had some treating from Vivienne Constad and also self treating with EX715Ag since that time her bones have normalized and although her endocrine system has improved there is still treatment on going. Her diet is good and well organized. She is a non-smoker and takes a minimum of alcohol.


Time of action during treatment: 51.38 minutes.

This was a break through treatment for this lady, as in the past this she would receive a session and not feel any changes or often sensations during treating were not obvious and no changes noted after, or in the week following a session. She

carried on regardless and after almost the third course of treatment her bone density scans showed normality. Her medication ceased and her health improved including her scoliosis. With this new device she felt very comfortable during it’s working, felt the sensation very warmly and deeply inside her body and after we had finished all pain and discomfort had disappeared totally. This was a first for her.

The highest activity area was on the cervical neck area and this in fact took 22.16 minutes to dose whilst working in slider 10.

All other doses were long approximately 6 to 8 minutes with exception of two places that would not dose at all but we stopped at around 2 to 3 minutes due to the length of time that we had been already working. I changed into Scenar-Cosmodic Myo for a shoulder position and also hip where point of pain had been and only one of these dosed, shoulder 3 minutes power level 35 (dosed) and hip 6 minutes at power level 80 (no dose).

At the end of the session she was very relaxed and visibly so, as if she had had a full body massage and woken up form a deep sleep. She said she felt good, out of discomfort and floated down the stairs!

Update following day:

I saw her husband the following day and he told me that she was still pain free and in fact doing things that she had not been able to do for some time. I then saw her again a day or two later and she told me herself that she still felt well and no pain had yet returned.

She was doing quite a bit of physical work such as gardening currently and feeling very good about it also. I have spoken to her today and she is just beginning to get a very slight ache in the leg but for now it is undefinable, although the sciatic issue has not shown again so far.

She will be having a second session on the day after tomorrow and will update again after that.