Quantum Infinity App and all you need to know..

The best thing to use alongside your Cosmodic!

Do you often have clients who can't get to you just when they know that they ought?

Then I have the perfect system for you. Treating in person or even remotely!

Welcome to some news regarding Quantum Infinity.

I was worried about treating a number of my patients whilst being away for a number of months.

One of my students suggested that I take another look at the system called Quantum Infinity.

I was aware of it but had not previously taken it too seriously.

However, having personal reasons for doing so, I tried it out and my goodness, I was very impressed.

I was able to confirm its diagnosis to be pretty accurate, as it totally 100% equalled the data that my Cosmodic device was giving me.

But more than that, it also gave me further details, in fact those that I was able to investigate more deeply and see results

immediately in many cases and overnight in others.

The best way to explain how it works is to have anyone watch their videos however I will place some screen shots for all to see just how easy it is to screen in these panels for anyone to discover what and where to treat.

Basically you select the page and then click the go button for scan. It couldn't be easier.

once having screened and discovered the areas to re balance, hit another button and that will rebalance energetically all that is required for that moment.

I promise to place some kind of more elaborate video once I discover how to!!