Rachel's review

Rachel's review

I found the COSMODIC training in March incredibly helpful. Vivienne and Sherine gave a really thorough yet concise overview of the device and it's specific peculiarities. It allowed me much more confidence in my work with the device and the fantastic results I've been getting, speak for themselves. It was a great balance of practical and theory...such small tweaks in my methods have created such big differences in my client's responses. I also really liked the fact that the course adhered to a really strong structure, yet allowed time to address specific issues / cases we had been dealing with. These were integrated seamlessly and there was no interruption to the flow. I think we all learned a lot from listening to the responses to our individual conundrums!

I am really grateful for the extra tools in my kit! My work (and my client's work) is much easier as a result. Many thanks!

In gratitude.

Rachel Morris - www.homehealing.co.uk

Rachel - March 2012