2014: New Myoscen

New Myoscen

General comments:

On first visual this device is very pleasing, superior to its previous model. It now has a sleek black casing and a nice feel to holding it. The shape is a little awkward for long time holding with its sharp edges and not as comfortable as it might be if rounded and more hand shaped.

It turns on really easily and has an attractive LED screen.

The modes and settings appear easy to find and use, it did not take me very long before I was fully conversant with its working. The modes are very similar to that of any of the professional devices.

Although similar to the feel of EX735Ag Slider x 2 the New Mysocen appears to have a greater immediate effect to acute symptoms and my first 3 opportunities of use with it were more of an acute nature so this showed up really clearly.

The dosing took a long time, similar to days of before EX735Ag Modific roughly speaking from 7 minutes for the shortest and others much longer, some not at all. However this did not detract form a good result of improved symptoms.

Doses are very obvious and dynamic adaptation also obvious and very gentle signal too. Although I feel this a very gentle signal it is not to be underestimated, as it is a very powerful device, more so than I feel PS705Ag.

When treating acute injury and trauma:

Using New Myoscen

Recommendations at primary care level.

I recommended choosing power level – minimum to medium.

S1 is recommended to use for diagnosing an area in which to base further working. Taking readings over the entire area can do this, but I recommend best of all, to be taking readings for the entire body before deciding the importance of any one particular area.

The New Myoscen has the ability to take much higher readings than 100 as previous devices do. Therefore it is advantageous to obtain a greater all over body picture before you get into treating details with this little device.

As before, main working for general complaints will be in S1. Dosing high numbers at the start of treatment. Later on in the course lowest numbers can be often addressed also.

Once having reached saturated recovery point where the body is not able to increase any further recovery one can change setting to a M1 or M2 setting to energise the area so as to increase efficacy of regeneration of tissue cells. One can also use only M1 or M2 if needed, as it is similar to MYO in Sliders. A setting for locomotor and also for massage and cosmetology.

When treating chronic conditions:

Using New myoscen

For home users:

Choosing a power level of minimum

Setting / mode S1

By choosing this mode / working is quite easy. Find the highest number for dosing is this can be best as it can be indicative of inflammation and often pain.

Once changes have been created in symptom or condition then the session should cease. This should not be reconvened until after a decrease of effects that had been created from the session. After which time the follow up session can continue and create further changes. This regime should be repeated until dissipation of symptoms, which will occur over time.

For professional users:

As per previous work with other devices, Should the individual show signs of change at the start and soon after this ceases to occur, then the practitioner should take note and make checks to consider if there might be any missing nutrient base or consider making some changes to lifestyle or reduce stress levels plus increase rest. They will see the body respond accordingly once these changes have been made.

Once a positive progression of diminishing symptoms or conditions is underway it may be possible to lead more specific changes by choosing both modes according to how the body is responding at the current time. For example one may have been working over a small number of sessions and find that some localised pain still ensues within a chronic condition but may be somewhat debilitating or irritating to the patient. As such the practitioner may like to choose M1 or M2 to work in the area, which will then be working in a slightly changed format, which may resolve the issue more quickly.

It may be that areas of the body that is being worked on may not dose, however I have found that even not having dosed, having moved on to the areas indicated by the device each in turn, the symptoms were in each case abated and after a matter of only a couple of hours temporary recovery was noticed.

I was very impressed with the efficiency in results of the device.

The body reactivity was very much lower than I had anticipated and was happy with after the initial reading had been taken however this did not appear to affect the results of the session.

The dosing function similarly to that of EX735Ag Slider x 2 does not function when in M1 or M2. However the mode is very nice to work in and like when using Slider x 2 has a good affect when used after treating in S1.