Sabina\s review

Sabina's review

Here's my thoughts on your Super course:

"I've just completed the first part of Cosmodic/Scenar training with Vivienne and Shirine and wanted to write something in case it is of use to others, in case you're hesitating about doing this course:

The pre-course information was informative and clear - Vivienne sent photos of the entrance at the hospital and map and directions before we started together with a clear itinerary for each of the three days. During the course, there was plenty of time for question and answer in a group situation so if not your own question, your own learning increased listening to others.

The screen Presentation of course notes were clearly set out and easy to understand. Vivienne and Shirine worked in tandem covering a wide area of expertise between them, delivering information that was interesting and thought provoking - their support and commitment for each of us was evident throughout the course.

Unlike other courses, 'guests' were provided to practice on rather than have the participants find their own and we finished at the stated time each day.

Unlike other courses, Vivienne arranged for food to be delivered daily at lunch time - this was absolutely delicious, gluten and diary free.

It allowed all us to continue the day with ease, rather than go hungry, eat a cold (and probably boring) picnic (in winter) from a plastic bag, or rush around during lunch break to find food, only to end up eating something hurriedly that you would probably rather not eat anyway!

All in all, my experience was one of excellence and interest, with a good deal of humour along the way.

I would strongly recommend this Scenar-Cosmodic Training with Vivienne and Sherine - they are a great team".


January 2014