Left side paralysis after stroke case - in recovery

Treating left-side paralysis following a stroke after 18 months of hospital treatment

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Patient: Male, mid 70’s

Following a stroke, the patient remained with left side paralysis. No speech, just the ability to make noises almost like grunts. He was also not able to move himself much.

He was only fed by stomach as unable to swallow. Virtually a “vegetable” and left mostly on his own and to his family.

Having been in hospital for some months, he was moved to nursing home as the family were not pleased with his current treatment — it appeared he was being neglected and the people caring for him said he had little chance of any more recovery.

After 18 months

They called the office of Vivienne Constad after 18 months. The family was desperate as they are a very loving and close family and didn’t know where else to turn.

The daughter found me on the internet.

Called me…

I don’t know why, but for some reason I agreed to a home visit. (Not something I really have time for these days)

First session I was not able to do too much at spine, as moving him was hard and made him also cough and choke as he can’t swallow.

I worked mostly on face and neck, liver and arms.

I discovered on taking his case notes that just prior to his stroke his left arm and shoulder had been dislocated but at the stroke he had fallen on left side and dislocated it once again.

At end of the session it was hard to tell what, if any, changes there were.

He is also heavily medicated for controlling his excretions (as he can’t swallow) as well as blood pressure and on and off pain relief.

Session 2

At this time I had not taken photos of his face as he looked so bad… I felt it wasn’t nice for him.

We moved him over onto his side and I worked on his spine today.

His wife took notes and wrote down readings for me, as all of the family are always here with me and they all want to help.

So at 37 minutes when I was working on C3 at neck he complained he had a third leg that had become heavy!

The doctor had previously told him that he had one dead leg which is never going to work again and one good leg, so now he felt that there was something in his left leg and thought it must be a new one so it must be the leg number 3.

He asked me to move it for him as it was become heavy leaning on his other good leg.

We said, “No, you move it..” And this is exactly what he did!


Since this session, each time we move him his digestive system pushes on and moves and he loses wind, which he is embarrassed about in front of me.

Next session.

By now his arm is getting sensation and at each end of session his “third” leg again gets heavy! All improvements have continually sustained.

Next, they change his medication to alleviate his choking more in the throat.

That gave him a setback, in other symptoms so not much change to note that week.

Session 3 to 5

He has begun itching a lot all the time everywhere on his back and arms and legs.

Now shoulder is hurting a lot all the time. (It’s good news as it is a paralysed one, so now feeling is back here)

At the end of this session — no pain.

Session 5

Looking bright and good to me.

After it he was very sleepy and all rest of the week following.

Now we work one week on the spine and the other week locally to wherever is appropriate on the day. This day – just working on feet and hands as well as on kidney points.

We are working weekly, as this is how he seems to benefit more currently.

Noted: always his digestion is poor and the peg food they feed him is not good.

Session 6

I found out today that he is able to swallow 5 teaspoons of yoghurt in the throat.

We worked mainly on this area of neck today plus shoulder, face (to improve smile on left side).

He whispered when his wife was out of room that his penis was itching. He didn’t seem to be too embarrassed then about telling me!!

On the following Saturday, he went home for the first time in almost 2 years.

He complained to me that he was not happy about going home as many family people came to see him and they all were eating but no one offered him any food!!!

(Of course, as he can’t eat yet he is fed by peg in stomach)

Session 7

He is still getting a little confused but more rational times and for longer these days.

Now he asks each day, when “abracadabra” is coming... (That is what he calls me now!) It’s the name for magic spells.

42 minutes treating today and he was asleep after. Still itchy and still shoulder hurts.

Session 8

I’m told he was able to eat 11 spoons of soy yoghurt today!

31 minutes treating and mostly neck and upper thoracic plus neck.

I am now using “Quantum Infinity iLife system” (similar to that of Russian “aurum” this is to check issues internally that I do not want to overlook. It gave him a rebalanced recovery energetically of 74% on digestive system.

I can add with this the energetic similum (signature) of the frequency of missing nutrients with this.

Session 9

He is now able to sit up and move a bit more.

They are encouraging him to pick up things and so on.

17 spoons today eaten. He is becoming more stubborn and will not do as told.

Shoulder pain worse — complains all the time.

Session 10

As I said “Hello”, he was waiting for me and said really clearly, “Good morning and how are you today? You look beautiful today and your hair is lovely!”

His daughter was present and we worked together and I worked on his feet and with “infinity” as well as getting his daughter to work on his head and neck as he complained of a headache.

She is pulling him by his ear to look the other way as he kept trying to look at what she is doing!!

Then a few hours after I left them, she sent me this last photo and it said, with thanks from Dad! He said he wanted her to take it specially and send it to me.

That is it so far.

I have made session for this Thursday with a colleague who has a different system that will be able to give us more specific measures of nutrient base that may be missing so that we can give him tinctures to add to the peg food. Then we can really begin to get him better.