Glaucoma / chronic fatigue

Diagnosed Condition: Glaucoma/ thyroidectomy/ fatigue

Gender / Age: Female / 61 years

Presenting condition: Chronically impaired vision, high eye pressures, soreness and inflammation of eyes, tiredness, inability to sleep, stressed, misted visual affect during daylight and a lens implant that had been placed had crystalised causing further difficulties.

Past medical history: Had issues most of her life with her health. Thyroid issue began at 6th form education. Not so good with eating habits although not over weight particularly. Scar tissue quite pronounced around thyroid area often swollen. Had much family and domestic trauma for many years and seemingly on going. Has had a difficult time with medications and treatments throughout her life and found classic scenar in 2002. This seemingly had given her much recovery until this last two years when the pressures began to build again, and also in 2007 suffered atrial fibrillation plus mitral valve disease. Had a total thyroidectomy in 2009.

Medications: Having to take meds (eye drop regimes) to halt increase of eye pressures. 125mg thyroxin daily.

Treatment: Modific prior to June 2011 / Gold electrodes. Time of action during session: 25.42 High readings were shown at neck / collar, liver, digestion and lower spine to right.

Action modes used: S1 in setting

Areas treated: All reported high activity numbered areas as above, one dose each.

Change of patient's condition: She felt very relaxed and appeared so also. Felt very tired before and now not so. Pain to right hip was much less. She said that she felt less fatigued and lighter. Her eyes too felt a bit lighter.

Update: On returning home, which was a long distance from me, she wrote to me that she had noticed since that her sleeping had improved. A swelling on the thyroid area that had become so over the last few weeks, had decreased and the constraints that she felt had diminished also. Eye pressures 'could' be less but she will have to wait for the clinical evidence of this until end August. An improved tolerance of light has occurred and a mist that formed over her eyes had cleared. Her optician appointment clarified that the lens implant is

clear and not crystalised as it had been.

I asked her if she would be kind enough to write to me in a short while after her treatment with me and this is what she has written:


"A few weeks ago, I received my first treatment from Vivienne, using the Cosmodic device. I suffer from chronic fatigue and my sight is poor, having been seriously damaged by a childhood illness. Conventional medicine has Been unable to halt a steady deterioration in my vision. THe effects of that first treatment were quite dramatic: I slept more soundly, felt an upsurge in energy during a very busy weekend spent with my grandchildren and, on my return home, I experienced a feeling of peace and well-being that lasted for several days.There was an immediate improvement in spinal flexibility and my eyes were less tired. I felt that the cosmodic had kick-started the healing process and that my whole self was responding."

Next visit: Modific with sliding technology Having now purchased a Modific she is working in a strict regime at home and has managed to keep and maintain all beneficial affects to date.

Her next visit was: 8th July 2011 The readings high again at neck and around C7 area. Also at digestive and liver. Lower lumber too. We worked with new Modific and in slider 10 only. Ratios were 5:5 Session 39.04 minutes. The largest dose, which was at C3 took 12.07 minutes and all others an average of 2 minutes each.

After this session, smiling she reported her shoulders and neck were much easier. Eye much easier, less tired and inflamed. The neck felt a big difference, more mobility and she felt energised and more relaxed. Also the top half of her she said, felt lighter. I spoke to her the following day and she said that she had felt so much better that she had chosen to go out for a walk with some family and during this walk and inadvertently walked into a lamppost. Her spectacles had been pushed into her eye and face and she was bruised and swollen. A little shaken up since. Generally after an incident of this kind she would be very shaken and badly affected. However she did not feel particularly bad now and it had been a few hours since and she felt

she had calmed down well. I suggested that she return immediately as she was leaving the following day and we should correct any damage now. She came and we worked again as this was an acute injury now and I know that there is a good chance that having an acute injury to work with would now be an advantage to a more speedy recovery. (I have done this before!)

3rd Session (due to this emergency) 9th July 2011 New Modific Slider ten. Ratios were 9:1 and 6:4 Whole of spine had been put out of sync. High readings neck and collar mid spine and lower spine to coccyx. I chose the most outrageously higher numbers which were liver/spleen, eyes and coccyx. We attempted to

dose all these but none of them would complete the dose. Although, I waited on the longest one at 23.40 minutes, this was at the hip area. All other doses that did dose did so in 2 – 6 minutes. Total session

was 57.01 minutes After she said her aching shoulders had become relaxed and felt good. Her neck was much freer but turning it to the right was easier than the left. Her eyes felt fairly comfy as the lens of her spectacles had damaged her left eye and had been very painful. Her back felt good and she was seeing more clearly. The room seemed lighter. Her light tolerance seemed greater also.

Today is the 12th July 2011 We have just spoken by telephone and she reports that all improvements were still good and that the additional issue was that her sight had again improved. That today she was able for the first time in many months able to sit at the piano and play, as she had been able to begin to almost see the notes again!