What is Cosmodic ®

It is a technology that by using electronic bio-feedback, gives back to the brain information, that has been lost, damaged or had compromised. It is used for recovery and rehabilitation of the body and is not primarily concerned with fixing conditions but more with finding causes and impairments and correcting those from DNA outwards. It gives the brain back information with which it is able to restore lost function to within normal physiological limits. Providing that correct nutrients for regeneration of tissue are present in the body and with gentle exercise it then becomes just a matter of time before the body will be able to recover.

►It is small, hand held, totally non invasive and fully automatic. It is clean, easy to use and does not give rise to healing crises.

►When there has been illness, trauma or there is genetic impairment, generally the body will attempt to fix itself. Once having done all it can and if there are still issues that have not been addressed (for one reason or another) the brain will accommodate the damaged program and will change its information to reflect this, treating it as normal. Thus a compromised level of health can then be continually recreated through the individual's normal metabolism.

What Cosmodic ® does is to give back the corrected information to the brain, thereby enabling the brain to send correct information to the body in order that it may regrow as it should in its perfect and intended form.

Cosmodic ® is a technology of active restoration. As a modality, it is whole and complete.

However, it makes sense that if the brain patterning is going to be corrected and regeneration is going to occur, the correct raw material and appropriate nutrients should also be present in order to make the perfect tissue.

My clients are welcome to have only Cosmodic ® sessions when they visit, of course. However if the issue seems to be of a chronic nature and has seemingly continued over the years without remission, it could be as a result of a lack of some mineral or nutrient within. If this is so, then we can actually screen the individual on site, in order to see what is exactly going on.

► From this we can deduce whether it is necessary to make any dietary changes or to add any supplements. This would help to rebalance their nutritional intake for Cosmodic ® to be used to its full advantage and work more effectively.

► For this we can use any combination of other facilities that we carry and they are The Quantum Genius - Quantum Infinity iLife system as well as Bio-Meridian Vantage Testing System and also and also the Nano SRT system. We follow First Line Therapy Protocols.

► With Cosmodic ® the number of sessions will vary from individual to individual. Never does the same condition work in the same way. Each body is different and will therefore respond and react differently.

► Having established that, it is also important to know that when one works with any healing modality, the first thing that a body will try to do is, to detox. Therefore it is good to introduce a regular supply of pure water to the body before beginning the course and to continue throughout.

► The best results are always when one treats in a regular and disciplined fashion. This means at regular intervals according to body reactions and also until the body shows us that it requires a rest.

How Cosmodic ® works

The properties and ability of skin have been known for hundreds of years, acknowledged and used by many practitioners over time, it is a fact that the skin is able to sense information regarding internal organs and systems able to react to irritation and stimulation of various reflexes, thereby sending messages to the regulating systems of the body. These are all very familiar to many Acupuncturists and Doctors. We can influence imbalances, disorders and malfunctions by acting on these areas of the skin. (ie Acupuncture, massage)

For more detail see 'how the technology works' on the history page.

With Cosmodic ® we work on the spine primarily. It is also possible to work on the local area of complaint. Our work commences after having taken full case notes and ascertaining a main area of concern.

The spine gives us a faster route of access to the brain and central nervous system. As previously mentioned, the Cosmodic ® device gives back to this system energetic frequencies that it once had and now has lost through either damage, trauma, lack of nutrients or damage by pollutants. Once the brain and central nervous system has resonated with the corrected frequencies a change will be made in the body and recovery will become possible. It is possible however, to work anywhere on the body as with Cosmodic ®, the Technology will find the imbalance as it is using the skin as a communicator and the brain as facilitator.

►The individual's situation, and how long the complaint has been there, will determine how long recovery will take. Other determining factors can be also which other therapies have been tried and what changes occurred, which medications have been used, the level of fitness of the other systems in the body and most importantly, the quality of nutritional intake.

► All in all, working in this way can speed up and ensure good quality results in the process of Cosmodic ® recovery and the body in time will recover efficiently. Most often treatment can be expected to be useful twice weekly at the start and always kept within comfortable levels, controlled by the patient. Sessions can take anything from 15 minutes up to an hour, it all depends on the response from the body at that time.