Hearing loss - Hip pain

Hearing loss / Hip pain

Date: 23:08:11

Diagnosis: Slight impairment in hearing. Pain / ache in right hip intermittent.

Gender/age: Male/82yrs.

Presenting condition and Past medical history:

Prolapsed disc at C 6/7, which caused paralysis to arm for a while, which he treated with exercise and recovered. This was 15 years ago.

No illness throughout life and has been very healthy.

Recently has been experiencing some irregular heartbeats, which appear to be triggered by emotional issue, if at all. Has an ache in the right side of hip, both back and front, which comes and goes. Has a slight hearing impairment in ears.


Supplements only. No prescribed medications at all.

Treatment: New Modific / Gold electrodes.

Action modes used: Scenar-Cosmodic slider 5 maximum.

Priority high readings were only at the neck and on the right side.

Also at the coccyx.

At the spine 3 points were treated and out of these:

The first one was 9:1 and took 6 minutes to dose, bottom right coccyx, the next was 7:3 going fat to 6:4 and dosed at 10.22 this point was center spine coccyx. And last point to dose was at right side of neck. This had to be lowered to medium and was as follows:

6:4 – 5:5 – 7:3 and dosed at 30.37 at this point and time he reported that he could hear some noise of rustling paper at the outside of his ear, although there was nothing there to make this sound, as the sound diminished the device dosed but after it was removed, it turned itself off. So we turned it on again and he asked if I could place it back there, as it had felt good. We did and the rustling sound came back again, but also something strange that he announced he could hear a beeping sound. He had not heard this sound before although it had always been there. The dose came again after 4.38 at a ratio of 7:3. After this he said his hearing was much improved and the sound of device more crisp.

His comments after:

He announced that he felt more, strength in his arms and vitality.

The hearing in his right ear, much improved. That he was very pleased, as he had no previous expectations.

He has reported today (the following day, he has brought this wife for treating today) that he had slept better but had awoken at night at 1.00am feeling that someone was pulling on his heart and just before that, some pressure. Once the pressure had gone, he felt free and had the impression that the rhythm of his heart had been changed. This lasted for some hours and then decreased a little then reoccurred and has since held and is still feeling this way.

After today’s session he was tired and the pains in his hip has now gone.