Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease

Male: 48years.

Ex Forces (Army)

Height 6ft

Weight 107k

For most of this man's life he has been prone to accident. For example, at 17yrs of age he was involved in an accident, which resulted in his being hung by the neck. Both prior and post that time he had various head and / or neck injuries.

He had also been exposed to much heavy metal. During his time in the services he was exposed to many things that in normal life would not normally be possible, many of these were nasty as in asbestos and other similar substances.

In 1997 whilst he was serving in the army in Bosnia, he contracted a very bad viral condition. He also noticed at this time, that whilst in the gym using weights, his arms began to shake intermittently. He was given Hydrocortisone injections in the shoulders at that time but nothing changed. In 1999 the tremor worsened but he put that down to it being cold. Then he noticed that his arms stopped swinging as he walked.

The army then suggested MRI scan, which showed prolapsed disc C6 and 7. In 2000 a medical showed Parkinson's Disease. He was discharged from the Army in the new year of 2000 having served out his expected time.

He was put on to medications in October 2000.

Mirapexin and then following this, Sinamek.

This lasted until 2004.

He consulted a complimentary practitioner in 2004 who then oversaw his withdrawal from all medication over the following year (with other professional help).

The first of his complimentary treatments was administered by a chiropractor. Within the first session there was a large movement at the neck area and this seemed to remove the mask-like expression that his face had adopted since the onset of the Parkinson symptoms. By December 2004 he started the neurogenic programme. It was at this time that the withdrawal of medications began. By November 2005 all medication had ceased. He also had all his amalgams removed from his mouth. He then changed his drinking water to pure and alkalized. (PH balanced)

All of these changes caused great improvements to his condition overall. In 2006 he started using equipment / devices called Turbosonic and Mobilisor. In the new year of 2007 went to USA for NCR (Neuro Cranial Restructuring), which improved him again by approximately 35%.

This happened within 10 days. On the flight home, he picked up a terrible cough (bug) and his condition then deteriorated in only a few weeks.

He discovered Modific in October 2008.

On arrival at my practice his symptoms were:

All over joint pain

Loss of balance

Tremor in arms / hands

Stiffness, in his muscles all over, especially in elbows, neck

Feeling of a veil in his head that had been there since taking the pills 3 years before

Pains to each side of the neck

Pain, at the liver area although, at the back

(This, had been intermittent but much there for some weeks)

Difficulty in speech

His sleeping was very little and he needed for his partner to turn him and / or pull his arms to release the paralysis or stiffness every 10 minutes throughout the night.

We worked with Modific.

For approximately 47minutes.

Focus was at the liver area, lungs and lower lumbar.

With one dose around lower abdomen.

After this time he was relaxed, looking tired but energised.

He reported:

Joints less pain

Muscles not as stiff

Elbows loose

Balance slight better but definitely different somehow.

Feeling that the veil had lifted.

I saw him again later that same week, day 3 and his symptoms were:

Elbows still loose although a slight pain now and again.

Face more relaxed

Balance not as good

Lypoma's on left intercostals

A sure improvement still overall.

Back less painful than usual.

Sustained energy, over a period.

More able and motivated, i.e. struggling with small tasks but not frustrated and disturbed as before.

More in control.

We worked this time for almost an hour and as last time, in both cosmodic and scenar modes.

Areas worked were from neck and collar zone, lungs and liver area.

After this session he reported:

Speech was a little easier

He was tired but somehow more alert

Cooler in head

Less pressure and he said the clouds were lifting

He felt that he could say if his improvement last time had been increased from 1 to 7 then this time it was at 12.

At the third session:

His speech was remarkably improved.

His walking had changed.

He was no longer staggering out of control in mobility, but walking slowly, better and standing straighter.

Turning more easily also form a standing still position.

One side of his neck was slightly reduced, i.e. had been swollen slightly.

But most of all, he was sleeping and no longer needing to be woken to be pulled or turned.

This enabled his sleep to be less restless which in turn allowed undisturbed sleep to his partner from midnight until around 4 or 5 in the morning!

His tremor was a little less and more intermittent.

This session we worked for an hour and this time his areas were the same as before but with the addition of the cervical neck area also.

Shoulder and liver areas took over 12 minutes each to dose whereas all the other areas including lungs, dosed in around 4 minutes. I completed the session giving stroking and more doses to vagus nerve both sides. To include, trigeminal nerves also in stroking movements.

Many of his treatments were almost an hour long and often there were one or two points that took a long time. On one occasion, 28 minutes, just on one point until it was able to dose. The normalising function with him was always consistent and his condition really stabilised from the onset. We ceased treatment on 8th December 2008 as he stopped getting benefit from sessions on 3 occasions consistently. After the last session he became, as he said, mega thirsty and looked to me like he was distressed. (I had noticed he had been thirsty after the last 2 sessions also.)

He took a break period and during this time he remained stable and with improvements, although his condition fluctuated from day to day. Some days good, some not as good, but overall balance was reasonably improved and speech too. So much so, that his parents who had not spoken to him for some weeks said that they were shocked when they saw the change in him. So shocked that they bought a Modific device for him to use himself in between my sessions. Another friend who had not spoken to him for a long time also was astounded that he could walk and speak as well as he could. But best of all for him was that now when he was out somewhere, other people be-gan to address and speak to him again unlike the past few years where they were speaking to his carer as if he were not present! To him this was the best!!

He was now doing small jobs in the garden again and occasionally using things in the house to clear way like, using a hoover etc. He even took up using the computer again. And on occasion will go shopping with his partner. He can now stand for longer and walk for longer.

After 5 weeks break period, we began the second course.

12th January 2009

I was amazed when I saw him.

He came to the door without the aid of even the hand of his partner.

His walking was reasonably controlled, his speech also good.

He felt that his speech and balance had worsened in the break and the pressure in his head returned. He was still sleeping in the improved way and sometimes a little better again and sometimes not. It had been 5 weeks since the last treatment with Modific.

Again we worked with Modific.

This time the diagnostic seemed to register his readings more quickly and all places dosed and did so within 4 minutes, apart from one point on the lung which took 7 minutes. Areas again that had been prioritised by the body were C7 neck and collar, lung and base of spine. He felt tired after the session and no changes had occurred apart from some pressure that had been felt by him at the collarbone on the right side. The session had lasted just over 30 minutes.

He was intending to work the second session that week, himself.

I saw him again seven days later. Areas presented again, cervical neck, lung, liver and lower lumbar. Liver placing took the longest to dose around 10 mns. All others took approximately 5 minutes to dose. After this session he commented that he felt no need to have to think before he speaks now... he can just say things again!

His head felt lighter. In general he is feeling good.

Balance is better and very different. The total time for this session was 29 minutes. He also noted that day after the last session he had been bad and falling about all over the place.

The Friday session at home had been good. There had been a change but it was more subtle than the one here, although He had gone shopping the day after, all day and this had not been possible before!

His third session with me was this week, and he reported that he had been unable to have the second session of the previous week. He felt that his speech had worsened and his balance too. Although, this was not as obvious to us, looking on. He did say that the decreased effect had only taken place that day though.

Areas this session were again as expected: cervical neck area, liver area, abdomen and lower lumbar. Average time to dose was only 5 to 6 minutes, overall much faster. I also worked at lungs because I felt I needed to.

I noticed a small amount of swelling at the front left and right above clavicle. I placed the device for 2 minutes over each, no dose but swelling subsided, I believe this was fluid that drained off.

We worked for 40 or so minutes in all.

After this he felt:

Speech improved a huge amount actually

He felt more awake.

Heaviness in head gone

His balance greatly improved.

I expect to see him again next week. Case on-going..


I feel strongly that this is not necessarily impossible to do using other models of Cosmodic technology. We have used regular EX735Ag, VX735Ag and also the new PS705Mini Ag with this patient on occasion and each time we have sustained a good result.

I think that due to his having detoxed for the length of time prior to sessions has made a difference to his ability to recover well, although I have had success with VX in the past with a patient who was still using medications and not having detoxed much at all.

Although, I am pleased so far with our results, I feel it necessary to also state here that during treatment there are some immediate improvements which are temporary benefits and last for some time and then decrease (which is when we work again), but not totally, causing an overall change and improvement in the session which is reinstated at the next session until the corrected parts have been totally regenerated in time and the damage and al symptoms gone. They fluctuate and reoccur consistently.

Although there is definitely also an overall improvement, which is clear to see and this appears to be stable.

I contribute much of his improvement to his conscientious and motivated personality, strength and staying power and also that of his partner who is doing much of the work.

He has been almost religious about his regime and attitude to life.

As well as correcting his nutritional intake and exercise, he has adopted a determined outlook. (As has his partner and full time carer also). He is very fit physiologically, has a hearty appetite and is sharp in the brain! He has an incredible memory and thinks very clearly. I look forward to seeing them both, each week!

I feel that it is very important to mention, that it is not necessarily so that all people with this complaint or these symptoms will benefit from this approach or these techniques.

Each body is individual, even if the same disease was contracted at the same time from the same stimuli a different outcome and / or response throughout treatment is not only possible, but expected.

Each individual organism will respond in its own way according to many other conditions. All differences would have to be taken into account.

The only way to determine the way to go would be by the monitoring of each individual on its own course throughout treatment.

As regarding Cosmodic technology, we can say that there are basic responses that will occur and those would be, the way the body receives and responds to the technology, for example, information will be received by the brain, assimilated and then acted upon. Thereby results are achieved. It is the route and processes that occur along the way that will vary.


February 19, 2009

The patient was beginning to have some moments now and again when he felt normal as like before the condition affected him.

This has been after exertion of running up stairs and once reaching the top as he walks with control into a room.... for an instant he feels a normal moment.

Yesterday as we worked, I felt the treatment to be different and more specific to certain places that do not usually show up. I decided whilst treating him to work with an area that was showing 0 and 1 and 2 on the diagnostic instead of going first to the highest area which yesterday was 12 in 3 places, mostly to do with locomotor point and neck.

He was so emotional about this happening and he cried and cried as he is now experiencing feelings similar to those before he was ill and really knows that he is getting better!!!

He is going to the clinic that his wife runs now almost every day and he is answering telephone and taking bookings and also using computer again!!

And DRIVING his car!!!!