PS705Ag, PS705FE


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This device is a fully automated semi-professional unit and can be used to great advantage as back up to one of the professional models in clinic or used as a family and home use device. It gives a very professional treatment and is robust and easy to travel with or use for first aid.

It enables a patient to keep their condition well maintained between professional sessions.

► Touch switch-on

► Regulating action energy automatically

► “Dynamic adaptation” mode allowing you to manage stimulation during prolonged action automatically

► Determining areas for action

► LED and sound indication;

► Switching sound off and on

► Detachable silver electrodes (only PS705Ag);

► Connecting remote electrodes;

► Automatic tuning in to remote electrodes;

► Automatic switch-over to action on mucous membranes using rectal and vaginal remote electrodes (only PS705Ag).

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Price: by request

This device is fully automatic and is most certainly very easy and for personal use. For its size it is a very powerful item and gives a very efficient treatment also. It is Cosmodic technology only, not Scenar. The electrode of model PS705 is placed on the front-end and lower part of the casing. The shape of the electrode allows placing the device in various planes which makes treatment of hard-to-reach areas easy. The front-end part of the electrode is very convenient for treatment of small areas on the face and other awkward places. The flat part of the electrode on the lower side of the casing is convenient for treatment of large areas. The patient can lie on the electrode during prolonged action.

► COSMODIC technology.

► Automated energy regulation.

► Power-saving.

► Sound on/off switch.

► High reliability (full protection of the device from overload).

► Adjusting to remote probes automatically.

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