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Dear Vivienne,

Here's a quick summary on the amazing repair of my wrist that you said might be useful for others to read.

Sept 20th broke my right wrist.

Winchester hospital put 2 pins in.

Oct 6th saw surgeon in Gloucester who was not happy as it was not healing in the correct place so it should be plated..

Oct 9th it was re-broken and plated and I immediately began treating it with the scenar that I had just bought.

Oct 26th the half cast came off and I found I had pretty good use of the wrist in all directions with no pain. I started using it fairly

normally straight away, just being careful lifting anything heavy.

The surgeon saw it on Nov29th and he said in all the thousands of wrists that he has done he had never seen one that had healed

quite so amazingly with complete movement and virtually no swelling and very little scarring in such a short space of time..I told him about the scenar and he was

very interested and looked it up immediately and said he would follow it up.

Its now Feb. 1st and its been perfect. no pain or ache at any time, no swelling at all now and I do everything I want and as I ride and

handle horses for a living , its no desk job.!

Can't believe I'm just a great healer, the scernar must have played a huge part in my recovery.