Hepatitis C

Diagnosis: M. E. and Hepatitis C Scoliosis; a thoracic curve.

Female / 50 yrs

Treatment started on 13 March 2008

Problematic condition to the right shoulder and neck, although not diagnosed professionally, aches and chronic pain, limited mobility.

Has refused much Allopathic treatment to date including Interferon.

During her recovery she has been using prescribed herbs, supplements and Homeopathy and now Cosmodic / Modific therapy.

She was recommended to me by another recovering patient.

We started treatment, using Modific only.

Our sessions started with a duration 42 minutes.

(Meaning that, to dose or change as much as possible to normalise function within compromised areas.)

The 2nd session was very, very long actually 63:19 minutes

Most of the work was concentrated to the problematic shoulder issue and also at the point of curvature.

Just one dose to the left hand side, took us 28 minutes alone!

After this session the lady reported a very debilitating day following the session. This is due to the effect with Modific of a much faster detoxification.

From this session onwards, I made a conscious note to work only for half this time at each session.

Following the long session however, her body seemed to respond in a very different way and many points began dosing within 6 minutes (those that did not, I moved on after 6 minutes regardless of dosing) and for the following 4 treatments the time that her body completed its responses was 35 minutes.

She has had 6 further sessions since.

Totalling 12 sessions on a twice weekly basis and each one of those has completed in exactly 29 minutes and all treatment is focused now, on exactly liver area and the compromised right shoulder.

Her eyesight has improved at times during daytime and night.

Her ability to deal with stressful situations is greatly improved and her depression has lifted.

Despite the fact hat she has some very troubled domestic circumstances which are not able to be resolved overnight.

Her spine feels looser and I can see that its shape is changing very slightly.

Her condition currently has improved approximately 60% in certain areas, a little more in some and a little less in others! She has more energy, motivation, clarity to think straight, fewer cold like infections and those that come, are gone within 2 or 3 days not weeks.

We shall continue treatment until the sessions produce less results; during; before and after and then she will take a break period. Basically once the condition ceases to create changes.

Again we will monitor her break period and expect to see peaks and troughs of symptoms. When these subside we will take stock and if necessary begin a further course. To date she is very excited about her recovery and feeling very positive.

P. S. A testimonial from the patient

I have M. E. and Hepatitis C, which cause me severe pain, crashing fatigue, poor eyesight, intermittent nausea and insomnia and a weak immune system.

I have been having Scenar (Cosmodic) treatment, and since the second session have slept better and noticed a sustained improvement in my energy. I had severe neck and shoulder pain, which improved after the third treatment, and my sight is much better a lot of the time.

I haven`t had the speedy peaks in energy I occasionally got, followed by complete debility, at all since the first treatment; my energy seems level and I have several hours more of it in the day.

I used to only function between 12 and 6 pm, then I had to lie down. At the moment, I am ok between 11 or 12 and 11 pm , which is a huge improvement. I have only had two virus-like things, both of which have gone away after two days and not hung around for weeks as is usual for me.

Overall, I am feeling much better and very hopeful of more improvement. The energy is still sustained, and I am also not feeling depressed in the way I was, but calm and that I can cope with my life.

A. W.