Case of a horse with a damaged tendon

Gender: Horse (Harness racing)

Age: 3

Presented Condition, Complaint: knocked the tendon on near front, has a little bump and a lot of inflammation


Time of action during session: 1st session on monday about 45 minutes 2nd session 20 minutes, 3rd session 15 minutes

Action models used: EX735Ag Modific

Areas treated:

3 pathway in A S1, tendons in Sc A1 and feet in Sc A1

Change of the patient's condition during and after session: Horse very quiet, but had a big reaction on pathway in the neck (reading of 45). 1st session did 3 pathway and tendons on all legs and all four feet, checked all joints. At 2nd session, horse had been scanned and bump nearly not detectable, inflammation not found. Tendons readings all back to 0 in all legs and highest reading in feet was 2, but reading in joint under injured tendon was now 174, treated this in As S1. At 3rd session tendons readings all still 0 and joint now 19 after the horse had been worked really hard. They decided to let it fly to melbourne and race on Friday.

Total number of sessions: 3

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 3 sessions in 3 days

Final result of treatment: Horse easily won the semi final on the Friday, and went in as the favorite for final race last Sunday and won!


By the way it was the 1million dollar race in Melbourne!!