Fracture of two arms

Fracture of two arms

Male: 33 yrs

In March 2009 I had an unfortunate accident which resulted in fracturing both arms at the elbows caused by a silly small scooter accident. This slightly disabled me with not being able to use both arms as I couldn't drive, I couldn't wash properly, I couldn't even eat or drink without help...

A few days later I met Vivienne through a friend, Vivienne was shocked but excited to see me in my state. Vivienne was so enthusiastic about trying to help me. “Help me?” I said, “What do you mean? Do you have some magic wand or are you wonder woman?” “No, no, no..” Vivienne replied, “I can help you, seriously”.

I was very curious to know more so she told me all about SCENAR. After listening to her go on about her amazing machine I was in two minds. Firstly, I was sceptical about this thinking is this for real? And secondly, I was so depressed by my misfortune but still open minded enough to try it, I mean what's the worst that can happen?

The next morning I went to see Vivienne, I was nervous but wanted to stick to my word and see this through. First of all Vivienne showed my the Scenar machine, briefed me on how it works and placed it on my spine to take readings from my nervous system which connects to the brain. The pain I was experiencing was mainly from my left elbow and my right wrist.

She placed the machine on these areas too and went to work on it. I was amazed! After an hour or so the pain relief was very noticeable, the sharp pains in my wrist went away and I could move my arms around quite freely. Vivienne explained how the treatment had taken effect, how long it will last and when to come back to complete the treatment.

I visited the hospital for a check up and the doctor was very impressed with the healing process and my plaster came off within 10 days. I was over the moon! A couple more visits to Vivienne and within 6 weeks I was completely healed and back on my motorbike. Simply Fantastic!

I often recommend her to people I know and meet on a regular basis that have issues with Back problems, Hip pain etc...

James Pointon, Bushey, Hertfordshire, 33.