Report on New EX735Ag Slider x 2

We are proud to announce our latest success

Now it has 4 ranges for the acting impulse to “slide” within and between and covers the whole spectrum of the low-frequency signals emitted by the body. Simultaneous action through two channels with each of them being tuned individually. 16 professional action modes. Represents the latest achievements of “LET Medical” in the field of equipment implementing efficient non-invasive technologies of medication-free restoration of health and well-being.

Today we have something to be really excited about!

A new EX735Ag.

Here are my initial findings.

Opening the case I had the instant feeling of being quietly excited

by the look of the on / off button. So elegant, such quality!

Handle of the device feeling - nice weight and feel to device

A good energy feel from this device.

Turning on – a little hesitant as after first touch, it did not respond instantly,

I had to press again a little longer to turn on. (Only to discover later that this is a deliberate function!)

But still I felt it to be a great device.

The signal felt very comfortable and stabile.

Very gentle - more so than last modification.

But at the same time it felt to me internally deeper.

I found the settings but did not see scroll button on the side at first

Once found I was a little confused when trying to set the mode I had chosen, (just for a moment).

Getting used to so many different but similar icons at first was daunting but took me only minutes to become a friend!

Update in April:

I now have more to say about the wider width electrodes.

Having used them for some weeks now, I do feel that as a practitioner they are very beneficial.

As a home user it appears to me not essential. In practise they appear to give a smoother effect to the sensation of the signal on the skin. Particularly beneficial for those who may be sensitive to touch.

If I place a device on the table and ask someone to choose one, they choose the device with wider electrodes.

When I ask them why, they say it is because they look nice and they feel that having the wider width that they would be getting more of the signal on their skin!

The very best thing of all is that this device has a connection for the potential of being able to upgrade by cable and computer for the future - this is very exciting!

My official report:

EX735Ag Slider x2

First impression of the EX735Ag Slider x2

Handle of device feeling - nice weight and feel to device.

A good energy feel from this device.

Signal felt very comfortable and stabile.

Very gentle- more so than previous versions, but at the same time felt internally deeper.

The more I worked, the nicer it felt, very gentle and smooth – I like this.

One big change - this is now once again incorporating pain relief and local work once again. As I worked on a couple of people for small acute injuries that they had just sustained, immediately (in one case) and in another after a few minutes it actually felt really changed!

Have worked so far in:

Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider 5

Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto

Comodic-Slider Myo

Scenar Slider Myo

Scenar Myo

All have had a good effect and changed immediate symptoms really fast.

Scenar Myo appeared to go really deeply on an acute pain and the patient was really impressed with the pain relief in this setting.

I think this device is great in regular silver electrodes but very much better with the wider width - this really does make a difference – my feeling is that with the wider width the signal is focused far more specifically to the right place and concentrates better on what is being done. And the side buffers are more efficient.

The feeling on the skin in this way is extremely gentle and the person gets a better feel good factor.

The treating time is similar but in some settings the symptoms go faster, or at least more efficiently. They appear to be faster as you can feel them get less.

But overall I think a good treatment will be similar timing as last device.

Overall – I love it!

Its good - efficient– stabile and felt great in the hand.

Some time later…

It takes a session or two of working to understand more of these details.

I very much like having the Scenar-Slider Myo

(even though I am not exactly sure yet of the difference!!) see footnote *

It is a little confusing at first to have so many settings of modes. But nice to have the choice.

Menu – good, I found it also easy use.

To be frank, after using the new prototype, when I picked up the previous version of the Slider (which I use with the gold electrodes) in my hand for the first time, it felt boring to me!!

I love it, but the new one has already taken me over!!

Comparison of the previous EX735Ag Slider and EX735Ag Slider x2

As regarding comparison to last Slider – Slider x2 is for me, the better one to use. I now no longer prefer the previous Slider as a choice. I now feel more at one with Slider 2.

It is incredibly accurate in its finding what is needed. Almost everyone can feel where it is working regardless of where it is being placed.

Even those who never knew before very much, now are getting sensations all over the body!!

It picks up just what we want to work with and is very efficient and changing mood and feelings of acute pain. In many the moment Slider 2 is placed on their skin, they begin to dream, in almost a state of meditational consciousness!

Action modes and settings

As for the action modes I am using the Scenar- Slider and Scenar-Slider Myo a lot these few days and it’s great!

I also like the Cosmodic-Slider. To have these new options makes sense to me and seems to make differences too. I like also the way the MYO settings have slider and also seem to dose properly.

Or should I say dose more like the Slider modes.

I very much like the Slider settings, both Scenar and Cosmodic.

I am more impressed with the improvement in Sliders of both modes. They really do take you to a different level.

Cosmodic Slider takes longer to observe results as this is the nature of the setting I believe, but I can see how much more accurate they are, as Scenar-Slider is quite clear to see changes really fast.

So for general treating and diagnostic I am using Scenar-Cosmodic Slider auto or Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 5 or 10. All depends on sensitivity of the client.

For local working to acute injury Scenar-Slider Auto immediately followed by Scenar-Slider Myo.

The sliders feel to me, much more specific for purpose than that of just plain Cosmodic or Scenar.

They feel to me more accurate and deeper although more gentle.

Overall I am finding:

Better to take diagnostic in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto – for accuracy and overall information.

Then to choose between Slider in either Scenar or Cosmodic depending on how recent the injury or how localised it is.

If I have worked in the chosen Slider, for example, for a local pain to an area and there is soft tissue or skeletal damage also, then I finish in a MYO setting.

Always a Slider but it will be, for example, Cosmodic depending on if it is an older or chronic symptom. If it is acute, soft tissue or skeletal then I will choose Scenar-Slider Myo.

If there is a new patient and the condition is undefined and they do not have much of a specific symptom that is worse than another, only then will I use Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 or Auto for working as well as taking readings. That way the body gets the best of a general overall treating and then the next session a specific symptom will have become uppermost and I can then take it from there more specifically.

It’s the easy way forward and if I'm tired and don't have to think much!!

So in short:

Chronic old problems, been there a long time and systemic – genetical impairment – Cosmodic Slider

Acute injury, soft tissue, skeletal - local fracture, acute infection, high temperature, sore throat, common cold, flu, sickness – vomiting - insect bite etc. – Scenar Slider

For diagnostic and taking readings, lazy working (not having to use intuition at all but automatic) or general preventative work, small symptoms in general and nothing specific - Scenar–Cosmodic-Slider Auto.

I love the Sliders!!!!

Footnote* regarding the use of the SCENAR-SLIDER MYO

This is truly amazing...

Having the option to use two levels of scenar and then some, is just great! In all cases a body has specific ways of regenerating new tissue and often it requires a little of this and a little of that. Being able to use a pure scenar mode is great for local issues but to have a scenar level 2 mode that covers more eventualities and has enabled me to apply pure scenar mode to an area and at the same time giving just that little bit of something extra that is needed to move the body on towards further recovery within that session.

Now I know how better to use this.

What’s new:

4 ranges for the “sliding” acting impulse where the work is being done in fully automatic mode within and between all the ranges or is managed in the needed sectors. This allows dramatically enlarging the field of efficient use of the device and reducing time of recover.

Provides fine-tuning which allows getting quick restorative response of the body.

Simultaneous work with two remote electrodes or a remote electrode and electrodes of the device, including vaginal/rectal electrode probes and the electrodes of the device. Replaces using two professional devices at the same time and allows acting on symmetrical areas consistently or individually. Speeds up recovery.

Maximum simplified control — only one button and an encoder (scroll switch) which provide quick and convenient access to the most important settings. High level of operational comfort. Easy and quick operation.

Advanced settings with 16 action modes (optional) + 4 action modes for action on mucous membranes. Enabling through the menu the necessary action modes allows adjusting the device to your specific professional work. All the action modes are displayed with easily identifiable individual icons.

Automatic storage of the latest settings for action mode and energy regulation mode allows you to use the device immediately after the switch-on, in the settings you used before. It is very convenient for everyday self-treatment.

Automatic calibration is accessible through the menu. You can quickly calibrate the device for the work with remote probes.

Individual settings for sound and vibro signals for comfortable use.

Wide electrodes (optional, by special order). Provide better contact of the electrodes with skin and more comfortable sensation. This produces beneficial effect on recovery reaction due to decrease of the body auto-defense response to tingles caused by the electric signal, in people with high sensitivity.

Special toughened glass on the faceplate protects from damage. Provides long life and protection of the display.

Elegant minimalist design with black and white OLED display and one big button on the top cover of the device.

Adjusting the display for left-handers provides comfortable use for those who find it more convenient to work with the left hand.

Warranty — 1 year

Extended warranty — 2 years

March 23, 2013