Following Major Spinal Surgery

Symptom History

Following major spinal surgery between August 2008 and February 2010,

the first to overcome lumber vertebrae stenosis and two further operations

to replace discs by vertebrae fusions.

I have suffered on-going and worse still reoccurring lower back and pelvic

pains as well as the most serious, Sacroiliac Joint pain.

While these symptoms could not be called a chronic condition,

they were very debilitating as they affected me when sitting,

walking and during general activities.

My symptom history perfectly matches the wording on the Scenar-Cosmodic website wording:-

Do you have symptoms that simply will not go away?

Can your GP and traditional medicine no longer help you?

Perhaps there is something that may help you after all,

With anything from minor ailments to serious and chronic conditions which has proved to be the

case for me!

Recent Treatment

Earlier this year I was fortunate in being one of the first patients that Vivienne treated

using the new EX735ag Slider x 2 device.

Compared to earlier treatments in 2011, the new device reduced the time taken to check and treat

the ‘nerve points’ on the back.

However the real benefit of the new device is the use of the various slider modes

which treat nerve, muscle, joint and bone symptoms,

most of which I was suffering from especially Sacroiliac Joint pain.

The truly amazing benefit was the almost instant pain relief experienced during and after a treatment.

After some treatments the symptoms receded completely for a period in between treatments.

I am now free of Sacroiliac Joint pain for the first time for 3 years which is testament to the effectiveness

of the EX735Ag device on a symptom that is unsuccessfully treated by medication or in some cases surgery to

pin the joints!

Finally it gives me peace of mind to know that if in the future should any symptom reoccur then further

treatment will quickly provide relief.