Lower spine and leg pains

Lower spine and leg pains

21st June, 2011

Equipment: New Prototype Modific

Patient details:

Gender/age: Male/67yrs

Presented condition, complaints:

The Patient had to work in some awkward position for many hours and when he came home, the muscles in his upper legs at the rear, (hamstring muscles) were very tender and painful. By some hours later, as well as his muscles, his lower spine also hurt.

Past medical history:

In good health for his age.

Had two hernia repairs by traditional medicine approximately 6 years ago.

Non smoker

Not regular drinker, just on special occasions.

Physical exercise daily.

No current conditions diagnosed.

Has had allergic to chemicals and slight sensitivity to animal hair.


Time of action during session: 14. 21 seconds

Action modes used: SCENAR-COSMODIC SLIDER 10 - first, on the point of pain in either leg, then SCENAR-COSMODIC MYO

Areas treated: both legs, lower spine

Change of the patient’s condition during and after session:

About 3 doses in each side, but I actually did not take readings, I just moved the device around until I found highest reading and then stopped and dosed it. There were two main high dosed points on both sides. Then I went to the lower spine just below sacral area and dosed middle and either side and point of pain. The entire thing was 14 minutes and some seconds… I then turned into SCENAR-COSMODIC MIO and made all over the muscles some minute or so in massage like moving around and after he said although the leg muscles felt slightly bruised now it was all much better.

Total number of sessions: 1

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 1 day

Final result of treatment:

This morning (June 22, 2011) even more improvement and just very slightly sensitive in muscles and almost gone in lower spine.


When working in local areas the new Modific seems to be very much more efficient.

Comments on the new device working:

Patient has noticed that although the electrodes feel cold at first when they are placed on the body in this device they warm up very much faster than the older Modific. He says for example, before it took about 20 seconds to warm up and now only 5.