Pain, muscle spasms, arthritis

Testing PS705. Patient 6.

Pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, endocrine system imbalance

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Presented condition:

Many aches and pains.

Muscle spasms.

Ankylosing spondulitis.


Shoulder injury from past.

Endocrine system imbalance

Case history

Patient Details: Male 73 yrs, active.

Past medical history

High blood pressure.

Bronchitis as a child.

Appendix removed as child.

Gall bladder removed at 36 yrs.

Given doses of statins by error 2 yrs ago which resulted in the present symptoms with the cramps and endocrine imbalance.

Has a cocktail of 6 medications at present and 2 inhalers for breathing difficulties.

Most of these meds are for the BP.


Total session: 55 minutes.

Took 3 pathways. Then worked from C7 down along spine. First stop just below C7 where instant sensations were felt all down the right side of his body to his ankle and foot. Highlighting the areas that he recognized as the key pain areas when his body normally would react in pain.

Also causing a dull ache between shoulder blades. The patient now started to yawn constantly in an abnormal way. After only 5 minutes dynamic adaptation took over and this was followed by a dose in a further 2 minutes. This has all taken place on this same spot.

I continued along the spine and then both left and right paravertebrals, until I came to the kidney areas where I found that activity levels where high here. He had complained of previously and often feeling cold spots here. I stopped here and the area at the sciatic nerve on the right side (which he believes to be a key problem area for him) started to tingle very much. Then very quickly his whole body shuddered in a violent way. Dynamic adaptation came on after 5 minutes here and then, 3 doses were made in this area in rapid succession (approx 30 secs later) then to the coccyx.

Nothing to find at first on the left, only the right and here increased the sensation he felt all down the right side again to foot. Only some feelings mildly on the left. Yawning increased.

Knees and calf muscles began to spasm uncontrollably and he almost became in great pain, but then as quickly as it grew the condition lessened.

With each dose the knees, legs, buttocks all became stiffened and then with each further dosing (3 in all) heaviness.

Then on the 3rd dosing all sensations ceased and pain was gone. He now had reached the end of this treatment and said he had not felt like this for many years. Also his hands were more easy to move too.

He likes this device!!!

February 10, 2006

Presented condition

Much less pain in general. Improved mobility, in fact more than 50 %. Can bend down more and can put his own socks on!!

Hips pain gone, knees improved, shoulders feel 100 times better (all his words) lower back pain gone, feet easier, behind knee spasms much less, just a small pain on the left side but much less.


Treating 3 pathways.

First place held on spine, between scapulas. Dynamic adaptation after 5 minutes followed by dose further 1 minute. T4/T5 – one electrode width down a prickle felt strongly, next dose here very fast. Now at left paravertebral side, at mid scapula level very sharp pain sensation felt all the way down the left leg. Dynamic adaptation within 2 minutes (T5). The patient complained of feeling pain in right shoulder and in area of neck. I went to C6 and here he felt prickling through to fingers in both hands.

This continued down to both legs and especially right toes. After 18 minutes of being at C6 he felt suddenly restless and then dynamic adaptation took over after 3 more minutes. 4 minutes later phlegm clogged up throat and he started coughing to try to clear it. A further 2 minutes produced a dose and all coughing ceased, throat cleared. Stomach then made some noise not to be left out! (worked from spine)

Treating lower back.

Right side of sacral area T12 / L1 caused a sharp sensation locally. Dynamic adaptation took over here in 2 minutes and the man said this was THE SPOT! It sent tingling all the way to along inside thighs and inside of edge of calf muscle. Right inner side started to twitch violently until dosing after 7 minutes when it stopped.

As I pulled device across from the spine to the right side he began to burp continuously for 1 minute. That all ceased and the sticky that had been there disappeared.

I then worked locally to both knees as they were a little aching. Found 2 places to dose and then all was complete. He reported that he felt now even more improvement and has not relapsed as yet.

February 14, 2006

Presented condition

Had a very poor day after last session and had now become quite depressed.

Overall condition seems improved but symptoms are now coming up one by one mid sessions and subsiding the day before next treatment.

However mobility seems to be improved greatly.


After 3 pathways, work at C7 caused tingling to all of spine up and down. Also between shoulders. Within 3 minutes dynamic adaptation turned on, at T7, left paravertebral.

From here on down work caused sensations all down right side, to ankle.

All places dosed within 30 secs of dynamic adaptation taking over and dynamic adaptation was each time after 3 minutes,. Both, left and right sides of body. Especially at L1/2

At sacral area all body still reacting and suddenly he became very emotional. This passed and left him very tired.

All work at cervical neck area created pains around knees. This subsided once dosed.

Worked on hands locally and knees, calf muscle also.

After this he felt much improved and was very happy.

February 17, 2006

Presented condition

The rest of the day of last treatment was all good.

The following day poor, as expected.

Day after that, much better.

Symptoms began to return the evening prior to today’s session.


After 3 pathways, at C7 felt sting to right hip. Dynamic adaptation after 4 minutes but no dose.

By T7 very strong pricking sensation to all of right side to ankle. Dosed here after 17 minutes.

Work at coccyx gave him cramps in the right calf muscle, which eventually subsided, after the dose. (After 2 minutes we had dynamic adaptation followed by a dose 3 seconds later.)

All of these sensations reoccurred at the same point on all, spine, left and then right paravertebrals.

At T4/5 there became sensations at both right calf and forearm. Dynamic adaptation took 3 minutes to take over and no dose here. By the time I had reached L1/2 he was feeling less grumpy and no longer depressed.

Total time this day 45 minutes. Felt great!

February 20, 2006

Presented condition

A really bad week. Since seeing me he has had no energy. Felt listless. Had aches and pains everywhere. But his wife reports that he has been more mobile and the aches and pains have occurred when he has laid down at night to go to bed. Not otherwise. That he is overall improved so much but the smallest thing is now a bother to him.


The change in him has reflected in his treatment today.

Although finding higher activity areas, (on the spine) there are only a few in comparison to before. And any that were there today, would not dose, just were sticky. They cleared from the sticky in a shorter while than normal. Also his ability to bend down is greatly improved still.

Where I worked this day did not produce as much feed back as there has been. Although he has been very grumpy since the last time we worked. Areas that we usually get all the feed back from, today just gave us milder symptoms but in the same spots. All down the right side of the body to the ankle. Knee and calf muscle.

2 doses today. One at T5/6 and the other at T10/11.

Found a new reactive area at both arms, inner crease at elbows (both) inside arms. At end his hands felt very, very good and generally better.

Will take a longer gap this week.