Quantum Genius Health App

At SCENAR.UK we are pleased to introduce the new Quantum Genius Health App

Used in conjunction with Cosmodic Scenar we

are now able to increase our efficacy. We can

customise each session to an individual's needs

with proficiency and effect a greater efficiency in

recovery by way of giving to the body

energetically frequencies that were formerly

missing from the individual using food as

opposed to many expensive supplements in

order to restore health.

Quantum biofeedback is a new form of

biofeedback. It differs from the principles of

traditional biofeedback in that it attempts to

restore the correct frequencies to their natural

state of vibration.

Whereas according to Bette Runck of the

national institute of mental health

Biofeedback “is a treatment technique in which

people are trained to improve their health by

using signals from their own bodies.”

Everything in nature has a vibration.

Quantum Biofeedback utilises electromagnetic frequencies to help align the body’s electrical impulses, reducing stress related to health imbalances.

The bodies response can be measured by means of brain wave activity, heart rate, galvanic skin response, voice and other feedback techniques. The Quantum Genius records your complex voice wave pattern and applies certain mathematical formula (algorithms) to the voice wave pattern. The Voice Wave file is then compared to the Quantum Genius Frequency database. Essentially we are comparing the frequency of the voice against the frequencies of the built in database. The results are compared, analysed and displayed in easy to view graphs and charts.