Angina case (with prototype of new Modific) July 2011

Angina case (with prototype of new Modific)

July 2011

Patient details:

Gender/age: Male 57 Yrs

(Consider please that he played alone with the device on his neck and face for 26 minutes first while I sat nearby.)

Medical History:

Some periodontal issues but no pain.

Aches and some discomfort in neck and shoulders.

Slight headache before arriving but now gone.

Equipment used:

Using gold and and new modific

Using modes Cosmodic slider and Scenar-Cosmodic Mio only.


High areas of readings showed at C7 then spleen in center and left side, then one position down to right around liver area. Below at lower intestinal area and one very low at coccyx.

I began at the low one, as it was the highest reading of 30 when the others were 25 and less. The intestinal reading was 25 and 21 and the similar readings at liver and spleen.

C7 was 22.

I dosed these positions. The work showed to be mostly a ratio of 9-1

Once at liver it was 2-8 and once at center spine around spleen 5:5

After 38 .07 (including the 26 minutes that he worked on face alone)

I went into the Scenar-Cosmodic Myo and worked by pacing the device on first the left trapezius and dosed followed by the right side and dosed. Total time after this was now 44.33 and having been in the mode of Myo and then wanting to see the total ratio of work mode, I went back into slider mode.

This then showed 0:0 so I touched it on his skin one more time to register some time of action, hoping this would encourage the device to give me an overall ratio and it told me 7:3. I am currently uncertain, if this was an overall ratio of working modes from the entire session or simply the ratio of coming back into slider from being in Myo.

I asked him how he felt after this and he was amazed…

This is a guy that has been working with a Modific for some time and is used to how it feels to have been treated by the current Modific. He reported that he felt much looser and that his muscles felt as if they had been worked out and felt much fuller.

That his neck felt quite different. Overall he felt much looser and fuller. He commented that it was too difficult for him to describe how he felt but that it was quite remarkable.

He would like some time to gather his thoughts and feelings and wrote down all changes over the next following days.