Report Button Electrodes

Report on 02 and 03Ag tablet probes

Many people request button electrodes for various reasons, such as:

1. Being able to access small and hard to reach places of the body.

2. Use for small children or babies.

3. Those who wish to see the device screen whilst working elsewhere.

Irrespectively of these scenarios, the reasons that I have found these to be useful is, as follows:

Best conditions of use:

After having attained some, but minimal affect with use of the main body of the device we have found that placement of 02Ag or 03Ag tablet probes have been most effective in creating a greater change in the presenting condition.

The sensation can become somewhat increased using the additional attachment, but the focus of impulse seems actually drawn more deeply to the precise place of required action and this then brings the dose / change to a faster resolve.

With young babies or children whose spine is small in length it is easier to use the smaller tablet as opposed to the main body of the device as you can get more accurate readings with the diagnostic and also create a more interesting approach to working the spine in areas that require attention.

The first thing a young child will do, when seeing a small probe of this kind, is to place what it is being given, into its mouth. As such, many of my babies have taken the gold buttons into their hands at first and played with their fingers pressing each button in turn followed by the next interesting placement, that being into the mouth! With no teeth, this has been absolutely fine and of course the setting has been S2 or often A1 / S1.

Once this has become boring the next thing is to fling the tablet behind them, which enables me to then continue treating where necessary over the spine with the 02Au or Ag.

Advantages of using the button probes.

1. That you can access more deeply any difficult areas of the body that have not already responded.

2. Play and make the treatment more interesting for youngsters.

3. For those who respond to magnet therapy, the effect is more dramatic.

4. You can choose to work in steel or silver or gold.

5. To focus the signal to a more precise point in the body.

6. For a change !

Issues / disadvantages with button probes.

1. Heating up

2. Unscrewing

3. Magnet unsticking

4. Battery resource

Heating up.

If used for a long time, for example an hour or more, the tablet body can become very warm. This in turn, warms up the buttons which then can hold on to the skin when the tablet is removed thus if you are not careful to pay attention to your tools, you can get up and move away and the button can drop or become lost.


Again, one should always take care and keep your equipment well maintained. Especially so with these buttons as after extensive use, ie weeks and weeks of continual use eventually the steel buttons that are attached to the body of the tablet, can become loose.

Should this occur, it is easy to re screw them up with your fingers. It is not a problem.

Magnet unsticking.

After a very long time of use, that is possibly over a year of clinical use, it can happen that if the temperature is allowed to heat up in use often, over this period of usage that the glue can dissipate and very rarely but has happened that the button will fall to the floor. Once inspected one will find that the glue dried up and the button and magnet separated.

This is easy to solve and once cleaned carefully without scratching the button, simply glue the magnet back into the button with super glue making sure that the magnet is of course the correct way around or it will repel the metal!

Battery resource.

When using any attachment especially these tablets they will use more battery power so one should make sure that there are more batteries available nearby.

Recommended time / Methods of use.

Non specific to the probe itself but more specifically to the condition or individual who you are working with. For example each case, will respond according the ability of the body to recover at that moment in time.

The tablet probes are very powerful and as such they may increase the efficacy of the treatment that you are giving and thus you may then decrease the amount of time working on that particular place.

This is not always advantageous for all, as some people and conditions respond better when taken slowly and over a longer period.

So when working find a purpose for using the tablet, ie when you are not getting the desired action with the main body of the device and require some further assistance so try the tablet and it may move on more rapidly.

It is good to experiment, as for this attachment there seems to be no rule of thumb so far.

You can make diagnostic with this probe or use the device.

But should you do so, you cannot then compare sessions with those taken by the main body of the device, as they will give deeper readings. So either use one or the other if you require your treating to be monitored and compared over time.

Use of tablet only.

I have only ever used the tablet only on babies. For all other treating I have found their use to be occasional and when needed.

When to or not to use.

I would not use either 02 or 03 tablets if a person is very sensitive.

If a person is finding the use of the setting A3 too much sensation, it may well be that also, that these probes may be too intense. However I have changed setting to A1 and used the probe successfully.

This was, as I wanted to be very precise with my placing but needed to keep the sensation of the power low.

For use on the face also they can feel quite intensive unless you make a setting such as A1 or even S2.

However, they are very good for those hard to reach places in genital areas. For they are so specific in their focus of signal, that used together with the main device and / or EV or ER probes the result is much faster than use with only the device alone.

One other thing is that you can gain a dual function.

Should you be working with silver electrodes but wish to own gold.

You can economise and purchase gold buttons for a tablet with your tablet, (which comes in silver) which are more easily affordable than a set of gold electrodes, for use with your Modific, which may have silver electrodes.