Rotator cuff operation pending

Rotator cuff operation pending

22nd July 2011

Diagnosis: rotator cuff operation required.

Gender / age: female / 56yrs

Presenting condition: limited mobility of arm. Pain when making normal movement. Stiffness and pain in neck, as well as all across shoulders and on both sides. Various aches and pains body and to fingers. Plays tennis regularly and walks often. Sugar levels high. Slightly bronchial and wheezie, suffers with allergies.

Past medical history:

Very active. Ski’s often.


Had skiing accident a long time ago and first injured shoulder and neck. This seemed to be healed and recently worsened. Eventually could not bare it longer so came for treatment.

Medications: none

Treatment: Previous Modific / New Prototype Modific / Sliding technology

1 course of 8

2nd course of 7

3rd course has begun with new Modific.

First treatment began in February 2011. Finished in April 2011.

2nd course begun at end of April finished 1st of June. (Had been abroad for some time in between)

3rd course began 27th June 2011 with New Modific.

Medications : none.

Treatment: From the first session with previous Modific pain had reduced considerably and mobility increased considerably. Within two sessions she was able to place the compromised arm behind her back once again.

We have been able to manage this patients condition to such a degree so far that the beneficial effect that she has experienced has been continued from session to session very well and only, I believe once was there are slight recurrence of discomfort between sessions.

She had made a choice rather than to wait out the end result totally with Cosmodic, that she would allow an operation to repair the rotator cuff (which was 60% improved since treating) and that I should recover her post operatively.

We did this and I administered treatment to her within an hour of surgery at hospital. Surgery was undertaken at the beginning of May 2011 before my recent trip to Russia and arrival of the new Modific so recovery was begun with previous Modific.

When I arrived her arm was strapped to a bolster and would be so for several weeks. I worked on her spine, at the opposite area of the site of the operation. ie. the good shoulder. Also any freely and available areas of the arm –hand-shoulder on the faulty side. Fingers had been stiff and after they were not. Her sight had improved and the feeling of nausea had lifted. Also she began to lift her arm attached to the bolster, just because she could!

I did not see her again for a number of days and the following week she begun to visit my practice again by taxi.

At the time of my return from Russia with the new device, the bolster had been removed. This had been un-expected as the physio had expected her to be in it for a number of weeks longer. She said that she was astounded with her ability of range of movement, and recovery.

On the first session of new Modific, the hand had been slightly swollen and the site of the wound although healed was very hot and inflamed. The right bicep seemed in spasm (damaged side).

Work was done in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 and also MYO (first prototype device before any modification) work carried out had been for 30.33 minutes.

Readings were extreme ie 102, 112 and 113 to locomotor point between shoulders and also lower lumbar. As compared to that of 80, 55 and two areas showing just 2 at both lower intestine and T5 /6.

All dosed very quickly at the longest 1.31 and shortest dose was 32 seconds.

Ratio was very mixed 9:1 in 6 of 11 placements of device and 5:5 and 2:8 in all others.

Action Modes used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 and also MYO (first prototype device before any modification) work carried out had been for duration of 30.33 minutes.

Areas treated: All high reading places.

ie. Liver, digestive lower lumbar and local shoulder area.

After this treatment, the actual raised scar over the wound flattened completely and became less red. Muscle that had gone into spasm in the right bicep eased and relaxed. She reported that her neck had released and felt wonderful! That the entire area felt much more relaxed and she could for the first time since months, stand in a hand on hip pose without discomfort of any sort and with ease.

She also said that as compared to the previous Modific, the whole area had relaxed far more but what was surprising that is was immediate this time. And the relief from all symptoms was instant. It had somehow released her scapula and this was not moving again.

2nd session with New Modific:

3 days later / 4th July 2011.

The night before she came she had been out of doors and bitten by an insect in her eye.

She had not slept well due to the discomfort that night and stress levels had increased. She said she has much more energy now. Generally speaking she feel the shoulder is much more comfortable now and has full mobility and use. She can even now do up her small louse buttons on her won.

This time only areas of concern were neck, collar and one mid spine around liver/ spleen level. Using slider again as last session, I worked all these high placements and dosed all but one at about T2.

The ratio of treating in slider was overall 7:3 but after the MYO that I used to go locally to shoulder was 5:5 once when I worked at T2 in slider then for another two doses on the site of operation. Which I may add relaxed immediately and sent signals al the way down to elbow.

Entire session was 38.39 minutes

After this session she felt a little lightheaded. Her eye swelling had reduced and the eye just looked tired now. Regarding the arm and shoulder: the bicep muscle and entire area now having had so much attention appeared to be quite toned and healthy. She was elated at the fact that now she was able to outstretch her arm facing the front. With normal mobility and full range of movement.

She has had to go away again for a short while and we will take up when she returns.