2008: First findings of PS705 Ag Mini

First findings of PS705 Ag Mini

© Vivienne Constad

10 December 2008

  • Disadvantages:

      • The first thing that I noticed is that my hand became very uncomfortable very quickly, holding such a small unit and in one place with pressure.

      • Due to it's tiny and convenient size it is necessary, in order to make readings for diagnostic purposes, there has to be many placing of it along 3 pathways. (Although no big deal here as it is personal use device)

      • There is not such an obvious beeping tone for dosing unless you can see unit for someone working on there self. It is there but not as noticeable.

      • Because there are no numbers to read it is harder to detect different activity levels (for the new user… but wait, I love it … there is good way to detect … read on). Also to detect how long one has been taking to dose.

      • I have found the turning off very much harder to do. Perhaps my fingers are large… but it feels stiff and harder than the others to do.

      • Keeping the pressure evenly spread over all 3 electrodes is harder to do.

  • Now for the great stuff!!!!!:

      • Very beautiful!

      • Light and easy to clean

      • Easy to put electrodes on and off

      • Very, very powerful

      • Goes very deeply immediately

      • More focused to the place of pathology

      • Doses accurately and much faster in general

      • Seems to cause immediate response in body with no delay

I was at first concerned to work on chronically sick people, i. e. Parkinson’s, etc, with such a tiny device as I was concerned it may be not such a good session for the person. My Parkinson’s patient came with his wife and I showed them prior to working and he wanted to give it a go, so..... (This case of Parkinson’s is going to be a separate story published on the site soon)

Case 1

I made the whole session with this device only. I decided to take readings in the way I would do so with the diagnostic of Modific.

I have noticed there are 6 lights (gradations of light which make in total 6 levels) for the EXPERT/DOSE and therefore make notes as to 1, 2, 4 and so on, lights are lit up in each reading.

Then I treated the highest and then the lowest points. So, with this Parkinson’s patient the usual places showed up, which were: cervical neck and collar area, liver / spleen and lower lumbar. On average it took 2 to 3 minutes to dose each position except for one place at the left shoulder which took 5 minutes. I believe in all we worked for approximately 45 to 50 minutes.

Patient’s feelings:

Instantly he remarked that he could feel nothing at all. Then after 2 minutes he felt the intensity build up and he remarked again!!! “WOW! This is a very powerful little thing”, he said, “it seems to be as effective and powerful as the device you use normally on me… I cannot believe this???”

By the time we were finished his face showed a look like he had just woken from sleep, he was bright, more alert and mobility improved as with Modific. He also said he felt MEGA-thirsty!! He has been feeling this for the last 3 sessions with me and I have noticed an improvement in his skin and liver function. He did seem a little irritable though.

Case 2

Middle aged single woman / European.

Diagnosed and medicated for Bi-Polar.

Her previous history has had serious kidney infections, digestive and intestinal disorders/ migraine. Meningitis.

Has had a number of psychotic episodes over the years and is now medicated for these also and is therefore stable. Now suffers with osteoarthritis in shoulders, feet and knees.

Her siblings all seem to have inherited some gene from a paternal grandfather who also spent the last of his days in an Asylum in Spain. She has responded fantastically to Modific over 4 sessions. We started twice weekly and on third session slowed to once weekly. This day was session 5 and we used new PS705Ag mini.

As with the last patient, the readings were perfect! So easy to read even although there are only 6 positions of lights. Did not seem to be any problem at all for me to clearly see which points were body's priority to treat and in which order.

Positions showed at neck, liver, lower lumbar only.

Session lasted just over 30 minutes approx.

Each dose took approx. 2 minutes each.

The shortest less than 1 minute and the longest 5 minutes.

Results of treatment:

Immediately I could see her body language change. She became more comfortable in her body itself. She had INSTANT relief from all symptoms present within 30 secs of having the device placed on her.

Became very talkative and said although she felt stimulated she felt relaxed and calm which is something she rarely feels.Her knees felt loose and all her muscles felt opened.

Overall she felt GREAT! Thinks this is the best!!!

With both these cases and the next I have found it hard to keep from holding the pressure on the unit more on the bottom electrode and not evenly on all 3. I can see this clearly as it leaves a red mark on the skin where it has been working.

On this last case and both the next after this one all 3 have had a skin detox like small blood spots under the skin where the electrodes have been placed. One of the patients had never had that before with any device yet.

Case 3

This case is a young girl mildly autistic.

Digestive issues (problems with colon, bowel). Epilepsy. Traumatic birth that almost cost her life.

She has huge nervous system imbalances and very poor endocrine system. A young woman of very poor health and also huge iron deficiency. Has been having poor and unsuccessful and neglectful treatment with official medicine all her life and is trying to recover as naturally now as possible.

On medication for most issues and may be a candidate for an iron injection in a few weeks time.

Again I made the diagnostic in lights and found the exact places that I anticipated to find. Most of her readings were 2's and two 3's at top neck and a 4 at lower lumbar and 4 at coccyx.

The instant that I had made the first place at top right position she became very very tired and got a pain in the right shoulder. This related to a shoulder issue that I know of… It took 4 minutes to dose. The 2nd place took 2 mins to dose and caused her some aching across spleen and liver area. Also itching to beneath right armpit.

By the time this dosed she complained of a pain in the head and that began to worsen and she asked me if we could use the Modific. We changed to Modific in A1 (which is what we do for her) and then I just brushed her back along the whole spine gently from top to bottom in 3 pathways.

This took away the pain in the head and took for all 3 pathways 5.12 minutes. She felt considerably better after this and we stopped.

I conclude from this that it is too powerful for her as she is more autistic than she shows to be and when we first met we could only work (with Modific) for 3 minutes each session until 8 or 10 weeks or so… Since then we can work 20 minutes max.

Case 4

Male early 60's.

Generally well but acute flu symptoms and feeling just no good.

No diagnosed disorders.

Diagnostic used again. Found mostly 2's all over, apart from top central cervical neck area 3 but this was after having taken drug pain relief ! I suspect it would have been a 5 otherwise. Mid abdomen a 4 to right side, a 4 to left side at scapular area and a 4 and 5 to lower left lumbar.

I worked on the lower areas first this time as I was intuitively led to do so and then went to middle and then lastly to top. Once at top he complained of extreme pain inside at the back of eyes and then even called out…

he said not the sensation of the tingle or device but a feeling that seemed to be the cause of the earlier headache.

I stayed in place and waited 4 minutes to dose by which time the head pain had been decreased. All other places were 3 and 4 minutes to dose except that top point which took approx 10 minutes.

Patient’s feelings:

That the point of the pyramid went into his body and found the place of pain instantly… it then spread out and widened. He said it was the most powerful so far that he had felt ever.

That it seemed to work instantly unlike the other units that take a while to increase in beneficial effect.

All in all… it is more gentle but very intense and again the skin detox effect occurred. Small dark spotting in the skin. He said it made him feel happy and warm and relaxed in a calm way.

So far all 4 cases have all said that also it feels like the power point is going right into their body and the kind of spreading out side ways … like a pyramid!!

I am going to continue to use this for as long as I can now … I love it…

It is the sweetest, loveliest, and dearest baby and gentle but strong, effective and so far more reliable than any of the other personal units.

* * *

15 December 2008

At college the tutor asked me if I would speak with her about my subject that I want to teach as it was so interesting to her and she was not able to ask me before.

So we spent a few minutes talking about it…

I took the new mini with me on Saturday, as my head was not good… so I showed it to her and asked her if she would like to feel it on her hand… She said: “hhmmmm… ok then … not so sure….” So I put it on the outside of the back of the hand just over the last 3 fingers from middle to small finger. (she handed me it that way). It was there for only about 3 minutes and went only to 2 lights in the dose field.

So as it was the end of the day and some people were waiting for me to leave with them, I took it off her hand! She started to go around in circles and started shouting: “oh look … oooh look … oh my god I don't believe it !!!!!” Then she started to laugh and laugh and giggle…

She had some fall a few weeks ago and hurt her ribs, got better and then 2 days ago her leg began to hurt and got worse and worse until that day and she was limping and all the side of her leg was bad and so painful she could nearly not walk.

Now all pain was gone and she felt normality returned… she skipped and bent over and fell to the floor and rolled over and could not make it hurt…

So I immediately went back to the place on the hand and put it there again to dosing which it did in another 5 minutes.

She emailed me yesterday also and said she could still not believe it as it was still all gone!!!!

16 December 2008

Re new mini

It is bringing much reaction up for my female middle aged patient that I wrote the case of (Case 2) but in a good way. Her knees are much better overall, less stiffness, her sleeping incredibly better and she is trying to get her doctor to reduce some of her Bi-polar medication soon. Also her lower back is much improved.

She is much calmer in herself and feels more confident. She is going home to Spain for the holidays now and will resume in January her treatment.