Bruised hands

Fall / Bruised and cut hands

Female: 67 yrs

April 2009 - Having fallen in the street this lady’s hands and wrists were both badly bruised, painful, swollen, cut and grazed.

On arrival she was unable to make a fist with either hand. Any other mobility with either hand was slightly restricted. She was stiff from having fallen and most likely also, although very stoic, a little shaken up still.

We took photographs prior to working and again after each session. She underwent in all just five sessions of treatment. After each there was significant improvement to both her well being as well as physiological symptoms. Swelling was greatly reduced within the first session and all bruising and cuts subsided and healed over the next few sessions.

We worked twice on the first occasion and then each day following. Swelling decreased after each session and also mobility increased.

At the start this lady had also complained of slight nausea especially in mornings. This had been due to medication that she had been taking due to a previous condition. However she did not mention this again.

First session

This is the same hand both before working.

Third Session / (following day)

Could now make a fist.


same day as photo above.


The Last Session Number 5.

swelling all gone, bruising gone, cuts almost gone.