Numbness, Leg pain

Case of numbness, leg pain and abdominal lipoma

Male: 83yrs

In addition to the use of Modific, this gentleman, on my advice, took purchase of ER 01 Ag. This is the rectal probe attachment.

At present he is using a combination in rotation of the probe, the regular back treatment and lying on it at about L4-5, one side and then the other. (He experimented, and treating the lumbar area, is more effective than the sacrum. Stenosis showed up at L-5/sacrum, but the higher position is the more effective.)

About a year and a half ago I developed acute pain in my left leg which proved to be due to deterioration in my lumbar spine. Physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers handled the problem. Subsequently I developed numbness in the bottoms of both feet, and more seriously, the inability to raise my right foot at the ankle. The physiotherapist and my GP were very concerned. Surgery was recommended.

My wife and I had been using an old 735 model of the scenar which was helping somewhat. In an attempt to avoid surgery we contacted Vivienne, ordered a Modific, got training with Vivienne, and began using it several times a week. Within 6 weeks the ankle drop was 3/4 improved, and holding. The numbness in the right foot just about disappeared. The left foot varies. Sometimes it is almost normal, and other times there is a severe numbing sensation.

The problem with the left leg seems very sensitive to any stress or emotional tension in my body. When both are in good shape, I can walk almost normally. Otherwise I need a cane for balance. X-rays have shown that (contrary to the dire predictions from the GP and physiotherapist, who felt that dangerous deterioration was inevitable) there has been no deterioration in my spine since using the Modific.

Harvey Wasserman, age 83

comment from his wife: A progress report -

Harvey's right ankle is better. It is functioning quite well more of the time than it isn't, and the drop is almost never there. Everything else is progressing gradually. He had a colonoscopy recently. The lipoma that was there 5 years ago has gone. He has signs of some ulcerative colitis, but it is quite mild.