Taufiq's review

Taufiq's review

“As a GP, I see many patients who have complex medical problems, some of whom, modern medicine unfortunately has no treatment or cure. Some were at the end of the line with their medical treatment with no resolution, others have failed surgical procedures etc. Hence, it is absolutely a privilege to learn about this technology and to be able to offer these patients some hope of a treatment. Some of my patients had amazing results following scenar or cosmodic treatment.

I have also had the experience of learning how to use the cosmodic from other sources. I can tell you, however, that if you want to learn how to use the cosmodic for professional use, and you don’t speak Russian, this is definitely the course to go to. Vivienne and Sherine are very professional in teaching and conducting the course. However, more importantly, they teach the foundation and first principles of cosmodic technology and how to get the best out of the cosmodic. I think this is very important for professionals as you are only as good as the results you achieve from your patients.

The course was run over 3 days in a small group. There were lectures, presentations and treatment sessions. Each of us were given the opportunity to treat someone from within the group and an external volunteer to emulate real life situations. It was very hands on and mentored very well by both Vivienne and Sherine. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions / Q&A sessions through-out. By the end of the 3 days we all have a very good foundation in using the cosmodic at a professional level. To be a certified practitioner though, you have to submit several hours of case studies and have an assessment by Vivienne or Sherine.

The atmosphere of the course was quite relaxed. The food was a scrumptious, gluten-free, vegan affair which suited me fine. Personally I would recommend anyone who would like to use the cosmodic device at a professional level, to attend the course in order to take full advantage of an amazing technology.”

Taufiq January 2014