Osteoporosis case

Female : 57 yrs

Professional diagnosis : Osteoporosis.

After one full course and 3 further sessions of Cosmodic - scenar therapy, this lady was given a second bone density test.

She was surprised to be told that her bones were now showing normal readings and that she no longer seemed to be osteoporotic.

She was considered now to have only mild signs of the onset of a pre osteo condition and has since acquired her own home use device in order to maintain her improving condition...

Her case:

Female : 57 yrs

Diagnosis : Osteoporosis.

She originally contacted the doctor regarding a condition of hair loss. She was prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy. Commonly referred to in the UK as HRT. Some time later she complained of pains in her shoulder. This she felt was due to a previous injury. She received Physio therapy for this and it was thought that she had scoliosis and was sent for an X-ray to confirm this. The X-ray showed possible signs of Osteo deterioration in the spine. She was then sent for a bone density scan.

September 2001.

A scan was taken of her right hip and spine.

The copy of which reports:

Lumbar spine:

Classification: Osteoporosis Fracture risk: High

Click Here For Scan of Spine

The right hip:

Classification: Normal, Fracture risk: Not increased

Click Here For Scan of Hip

Physician’s comments: Osteoporotic values in spine. Suggestion to treat and re scan in a year.

By 2002, this patient contacted me with the presenting symptoms of pains in the arms, shoulders and wrists.

Treatment with SCENAR began. This treatment was administered with 735Ag. device. She received two sessions per week and during this time the small amount of pains that she complained of were lessened. She had very few symptoms and complained of very little else. Her diet was very good and she had made many changes to her nutritional intake prior to seeing me, although she did adjust a few minor details during our time together. After the 13th session she went away for 3 weeks holiday. She returned from the holiday and continued her break period, during which time her condition in SCENAR terms was stable and no further symptoms arose.

Towards the 6th Week of the break period some mild twinges returned to the areas that we had previously been working on. She thus returned to a 2nd course of SCENAR. We worked for precisely 3 sessions and during this time all pain ceased. She then returned to Hospital for her second bone density scan the results of which are as follows ..

Click Here For 2nd Scan of Spine

Click Here For 2nd Scan of Hip

Physician’s comments: improvement in spine but some deterioration in hip.

We have continued to work with this lady over the following number of years for this condition and overall recovery, changing and modifying her nutritional intake exercise and lifestyle and in 2011 she was given the all clear and diagnosis of normal bone density with no signs of osteoporosis.