Old injury, pain in shoulder

Testing PS705. Patient 1. Old injury, pain in shoulder and upper arm

© Vivienne Constad

Presented condition

Pain to shoulder and upper arm on the left side. Restricted and painful mobility.

Case history

Patient Details: Female, 43 yrs old.

Reasonably fit. Tall, slim, dark complexion and thick, dark and long healthy hair. A teacher. Single parent.

Her diet is careful and watched over, she eats very well. She takes a lot of care over her health and diet and works out at the gym regularly and dances a lot. Recommended by a previous patient.

She is also concerned about her circulation as her hands and feet are always cold but they go white and numb often and she thinks she may have Raynaud’s disease.

She is not diabetic.

Past medical history

Came first in October 2005 having fallen against an iron bed and caused damage to her ribs and lower back. One doctor suggested kidney trauma but no one was certain.

Has deviated septum and this causes difficulties in breathing through the nose and as such always has suffered with colds and sinus problems. Had been given antibiotics much as a child for colds and such like, but now does not take any form of drug unless administered by hospital, etc.

Had c-section with daughter, 5 and a half years ago but not ever been ill or sick with things at all.

Started to have panic attacks with breathing recently and this she thinks caused the fall.

Suffers with migraine.

There is some trauma to C2 and some to lower spine area (old injuries).

The headaches are, in my opinion, connected to the trauma of C2. A cranial osteopath that she sees has also said the same.

I saw her for 5 sessions. The break between the first and second was 9 days, then twice weekly. She healed very nicely and all symptoms subsided.

We worked always with 3 pathways first, with 735Ag and either in SC or CS. Her bruising diminished, as usual very quickly. Her mobility took longer and although it improved greatly she still feels stiff in the mornings.

Since the last session for this injury she called again on 9th December 2005. She had found that an old pain had returned to her shoulder and upper arm on the left side. Her mobility restricted and if she puts her arm out to the side, outstretched and then pushes up, pain. Then pushes back – severe pain.


October 2005

We worked with the 715. Working in a similar way to 735 (dragging and then finding the most activity and then stopping and dosing) we had a very good reaction within 25 minutes. The mobility had increased and the discomfort had lessened by 60%.

She was pleased, so we then attended to some sinus work although the outcome did not change greatly here. The following 3 sessions have been done with the 735Ag and each time I have done pathways and then mostly worked locally to the upper shoulder and arm. Most work from the spine and at the back of shoulder and then the rest at the front on the point where the arm meets the body at the armpit place. It has had a very good effect.

29th December 2005

Now this lady is on a short break but we did work with the new 705 today.

I did use the 735Ag at the middle and the end, although I had not intended to at the start.

I started by deciding to take readings and stimulate the 3 pathways properly (with the 705) but the new device and I were SO excited to be working together that we just became immediately involved with the localized area instead and I just kept finding areas registering very actively with all beeps and lights!

So, then I took the 735Ag in CS and as I held the 705 in the spot of the left paravertebral at shoulder level, I moved the 735Ag from C7 down the spine to take 3 pathways. Once I had completed all this procedure properly, I continued to move around where I had been with the 705 and kept finding small areas that seemed to react more.

I did not achieve a dose in these areas, but I had already felt that this would be the case and as such kept working on the whole area to bring the balance back to it in its entirety. Once I felt this was done, I moved to the adrenals and stayed some time on each. I also found the necessity to work a little on C7 and to me her complexion looked not good today, especially around her eyes. She complained of her throat being sore and upper back stiff. I checked the upper back area and found both sides quite sticky, (until I had finished!). The 705 found the areas very quickly and also seemed to eliminate stickiness more quickly than I had anticipated. (I was very impressed).

I then moved to the side of her arm, the outside from the top down. Found a very sticky point right at the top of the shoulder point and it cleared within 30 seconds, and very suddenly it just WENT!

Then I moved to her throat and found 2 points to work with, which I did in less than 3 minutes for both. One minute on the right side and 2 minutes on the left. (All this still with 705).

The result in today’s session was quite dramatic compared to the usual one. The mobility of the arm is now MUCH improved, she can move it almost to its fullest stretch and that is both upwards and backwards, although backwards is still stiff a bit.


Within 5 minutes of the new 705 on her she wanted to lie down and sleep (a very new concept for her!). Also she felt spaced out but brighter than before.

She will resume treatment in February.