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Well this is what I think ....

Our food today has less nutritional value than it did even just 10 years ago.

This means of course, that to obtain the goodness that we used to gain from eating say, a banana, we will have to eat multiple bananas today.

It is very important to understand that optimal health depends on consuming optimum quality nutritional support. This is essential to regenerate correct cell structures.

After this, we must ensure that circulation of the right nutrients gets around our systems. This we can do by moderate exercising.

I looked for a long time for technical support that would not only help me in assessing this information, but also one which would print out evidence of its findings in a measurable and user friendly way. Something exciting that one can take home and place onto the fridge or wall for easy daily access. This enables us to remind ourselves at every food time, just what we need to eat and not necessarily what we 'think' we want to eat!!

Not only did the Vantage do this, but I was so impressed with its accuracy, the training and support of the company as well as their appointed representative, that I could not resist from bringing it into my practice.

I found their representative, (an excellent and extremely knowledgeable trainer) in the UK, Gail Lummis Dip.NN and used myself, family and close friends as guinea pigs ...

The results were astounding.

The company that they are attached to, with whom I now deal, 'Nutri Ltd' are the most efficient and excellent that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Their products are of high quality and technical support of high standards also.

► The Bio-Meridian Vantage system is being used extensively in America and Europe as an aid to Doctors and Practitioners.

► It is being used as both a diagnostic tool and also in supporting suggested supplements for an individual and also can be used to give remedies on site and desensitise certain conditions.

► It is a Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement tool and analyses energy at meridian points, indicating probable areas of imbalance. It measures the resistance between two points on a meridian.

► It is totally non invasive and the 60 key points that are measured are over both the hands and feet. This process takes around 20 minutes to complete.

► The results are shown on an easy to read, coloured chart which the patient may take away with them.

► It shows each of the 14 body systems along a six phase program of health.

► The system is based on the research of Dr Reinhold Voll, who established that by measuring electrical conductivity at these meridian points, disturbances in body function can be detected.

► The assessment is totally non invasive and painless. It can be used on patients of all ages.

► Although it does not require any special preparations we do suggest that one is hydrated prior to attending in order to increase conductivity during testing.