Back Problem

Back Problem

Case submitted by Paul Lowe

Gender / Age: Male, 56 yrs,

Healthy, very fit, good diet.

Previous history:

I first treated this man for severe cervical disc degeneration and radiculopathy in 2008 when he was scheduled for major spinal surgery. He is very fit and since that one round of Scenar therapy, he was able to cancel the surgery, and resume heavy building work and weekly soccer games (including heading the ball back from goal kicks!) Since then he has only presented three times for one or two treatments after over-doing things with his neck and shoulders.

Today he arrived with severe pain in his sacrum after moving a gravestone in a kneeling position the day before. He walked with a pronounced stoop and reported pain at 8 out of 10 when bending. The pain was worst when standing up from a sitting position, and he had to brace himself against something to do so.

This was the first time to use the new Modific prototype on him. I used 3 Pathways in Slider 10 at Maximum. The effects were a classic mirroring of upper thoracic to sacral zones. He responded very quickly with Scenar ratios of 3/7, 3/7, and 5/5, and doses lasting 9, 8, and 3 minutes when I treated upper thoracic zones. I then treated a high reading on his sacrum for 20 minutes at 4/6. The pain extended to the zone above, so although it had a lower reading of only 9, I treated it with Scenar-Myo, and had to stop the treatment without dosing at 30 minutes.

He walked away a little less stiff but still in pain. I phoned him three days later. He said he was in pain the following day, and very tired, but two days after treatment, the pain was almost totally gone, and he can now straighten up in one movement, even from a squatting position. The real test will be his next soccer match!


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