cases by Marion Bourne

These cases were submitted by Marion Bourne:

Marian Bourne BSc [Hons], ACE, AK

The Bourne Practice

40 Palmerston Road


London SW19 1PQ

020 8542 7907

Dear Marian,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the Cosmodic machine you used on me last Thursday.

For the last 3-4 months I have suffered from tennis elbow mainly as a result of knocking myself when walking past doorways etc. This was made worse by actually playing tennis again after a 35 year break. My backhand has always been my forte and it had become increasingly more difficult to use this during matches. I also serve with my right hand and this was nearly impossible, with most of my attempts missing their target.

I played again yesterday after a break of 3 weeks. At first I felt the pain as usual, but the more I played the better the shots I produced and I found myself playing backhand winners which my partner had to admit were some of the best shots he had seen me play. I am hardly aware of my arm today and it is functioning more or less normally.

So far so good!


I wanted to take the time to write to express my gratitude to Marian Bourne for making SUCH a difference to my life- I had extreme pain in my neck from a whiplash incidence which had been keeping me awake at night for 6 months, made all the more painful as it accompanied my ongoing problem of extreme wear and tear on the upper vertebrae (top three bones of my spine). I had to lift my head off the pillow with my hands in the morning.

After my first visit with Marian I was astounded to find that I walked out of her little clinic pain free.

I injured my neck again whilst trying to put together a product which was supposed to stretch the spine (I never got as far as to use it) and rushed to Marian in agony, worried about my forthcoming ski trip. When I left the practice the pain had not subsided significantly and I was very worried. However the next day the pain had miraculously disappeared! I spent a week’s ski-ing without the constant burning and grinding pain I had been feeling and three weeks later I feel 'normal'!.

I would recommend anyone to visit Marian - I don’t know quite what she does with her Cosmodic device and her gift but it works!