Training 2014

What a great group!

But then we always say that don't we?

January was a real surprise to us as we were all set to have terrible weather thus to have to contemplate waiting for the spring before setting up our new year's training in the Uk. However with a waiting list of participants we had no choice but to begin and the weather was ultimately kind to us!

We worked very hard and had participants from as far away as Australia this time. We had some amazing miraculous results in session with our many patients who were kind enough to come in for treatment. Plus some more fabulous food created "just for us" from Chris Kitch our friend and local chef!

We even had a small celebration for our inventors birthday and toasted his health with a specially made wheat - gluten free and vegetarian chocolate cake!

Thanks to all of you group, its you who make our hard work all the more worthwhile!

For those of you who attended the Mexico training to whom this may mean something ... we were told by all the students that this was the - quote "best training they had ever been to in their lives!!! " unquote -

isn't that lovely!

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