Multiple Sclerosis case

Multiple Sclerosis case

In her own words....

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 with left sided weakness.

After giving birth in July 2008 the symptoms got progressively worse and new lesions were found

in the cerebral region of my brain and cervical and lumbar region of my spine,

since then I have been using 2 crutches to walk with, suffer from fatigue and have balance problems.

As my symptoms were getting progressively worse and the best the doctors could offer me

was a drug that was only 30% effective in 30% of people I looked to alternative therapies.

I first started using the Cosmodic SCENAR in late 2009 and had fantastic results with it for my lower back,

tennis elbow, and very stiff neck.

I also found the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Program (

which advocates a plant based, whole foods, low saturated fat diet combined with supplementation,

exercise, vitamin D and meditation.

It is estimated that most people take 3-5 years to stabalise the disease and can then begin to recover.

I can't remember the exact statistics but it's around 80% effective in 90% of people who follow the Program properly.

It has taken virtually eighteen months for me, as opposed to the expected 3 to 5 years.

I've been following this diet and lifestyle and using the Cosmodic - SCENAR since October 2010

and haven't had a relapse in this time, so am pretty much ahead of schedule.

I currently use the device to increase my strength and fitness.

For example 4 months ago I could cycle on the reclining bike for maximum 2 minutes.

The neuro physiotherapists recommended that if I trained 3x a week

I should increase my cycling by 30seconds to a minute every 1-2 weeks.

I've exceeded this by far and now cycle for 25 minutes a session and I have to stop myself there,

due to time constraints. I also do various other strength and stretching exercises in the gym, varying it each time I go.

I then go home and massage my legs in SCENAR Myo for approximately 30minutes and rest for about an hour.

Instead of then being totally exhausted and unable to move for the rest of the afternoon as I would expect to be,

I'm able to carry on with my day, pick up my son from school, work, prepare dinner etc...

The next day after my workout my legs feel strong and my energy levels are high.

I'm aiming to walk unaided sometime soon and by following the OMS diet

and combining training with the SCENAR I'll be able to do so.

KC London.