NC Training Article

NC Training Article

Training - September 2010

North Carolina, U S A

Our training in Association with LET Medical for use of the technology of Cosmodic Professional device, took place this September in Waynesville North Carolina.

Very first presentation was at the Andon-Ried Inn hosted by amazing innkeepers, Ron and Rachel who, with Diannah arranged a sumptuous lunch for all those who attended.

From this event we planned our first training day, which was truly amazing.

We were a wonderful group the largest that I would wish to teach at one time. We worked from early morning until late into the afternoon and I was told that every person that either worked or was worked on, had a dramatic change to their condition.

Even those who had no idea that they had a condition!!

(A thank you here, to Charlie who so aptly coined the phrase, “I have a condition”) We now use nothing else!!

Another of our presentations was at Maggie Valley.

Situated just outside of Waynesville on the border of Cherokee country.

A wonderful spa there called, "Discovery Wellness" hosted our evening, in fact they now have one of our Practitioners working right out of there, so for their contact details please see the end of the article. From this event we planned another training day and had to plan carefully some free time in order for us to even sleep!!

This training day brought people from far and wide and again all with interesting results. We have also another Practitioner from this group who is now working in Asheville which is nearby. (the contact details for that clinic will be here soon)

Again we worked for many hours, having breaks and learning much.

Food this time was served by Ron and Rachel but brought in by a local caterer that we had all admired.

We were so busy on this particular day that I believe we almost forgot to take group photos. We managed to get one or two candid shots. Our apologies, to those who do not see themselves there.

We saw people with conditions ranging from cardio-vascular issues to neurological, tiredness and fatigue to obesity (general aches and pains) and not one person left without a great change in something.

Should those attendees wish to add comments please feel free to send them in by email and I will be happy to publish them here with the article, or if any of you have cases of interest, we will place them in Student / Practitioner pages on this site, with your contact details.

Some photos of the training days …

Contact details for the Practitioners in the NC area are:

Rose Schilling-Motter

phone number 828-246-8489