Report PS705

Report on the new version of model PS705 in UK

Based on experience since December 29, 2005 until February 13, 2006.

Recommended purpose

I think that it is and will be a very good device to use at home and travel with. Therefore to be used with any acute injuries or emergency.

Its best use would be for first aid in the case of:

— shock,

— haematoma,

— swelling,

— bruise,

— burns,

— cuts,

— oedema,

— breaks/fractures,

— stings and/or bites.

Its function is quick to relieve:

— colds,

— cough,

— running or stuffed nose,

— sore throat,

— tired eyes,

— sore muscles.

It does feel powerful enough for a top up in between professional treatments. I would recommend its use for treatment of chronic or systemic disorders to maintain good levels of well being between professional sessions. This would most definitely make a very big difference to the result and outcome of a course.

At first I did not feel as confident for a complete professional course as compared to the EX715. (As a home use device.). Now I feel very confident with this device in this case, I believe that there is less intervention from the therapist as the control is very much between the body and the device. I think also that this is a good thing for a home use device.


The feeling of the electrodes is gentle in general, however it seems that once the area of priority has been identified, the sensation increases greatly and in most cases has been described as almost to the threshold of pain.

The higher energy levels are not aggressive and are also still very gentle in sensation. I have not yet had to take down the power, except in the case of tired eyes (I tried to use it on my eyes with the energy level regulated in automatic mode and found that I was expecting it to be very gentle, but that it was not, so I had to decrease the energy manually).

The patients have all said that they feel a very different sensation to the other devices so far. That it is almost like an itch that is felt but very deeply. Each person has said, “This is a very powerful thing, isn't it?”

Many of my patients now ask if we can use this device as its results are very dramatic and they say it is a good feeling when on the body.

Working during a session

1. The preliminary analysis helps very well in finding the appropriate areas for treatment. It is also very fast at doing so. Faster and more easily able to see than even the VX735Ag to the untrained eye.

2. During treatment so far each person has commented that the feeling is less than the other devices and less than they expected. Some have asked me to increase the power as they are more comfortable with more sensation. Effects seem faster occurring so far.

3. The obvious changes during treatment have been change in the texture and consistency of the skin and its pallor. The sound of the device is changing acutely when this change has occurred.

And a glowing sensation or tingle all over the areas of where the treatment is working. A kind of highlighting of the areas to be treated.

4. Effects after session. In the case of treatment of the ankle, for example, the pain was found in a higher place up the leg for some hours later. This lasted until the following day when all sensation of pain had ceased and the condition normalized. In most cases the patient has had an immediate relief from all symptoms and not much return of any symptoms since. Most have continued to improve or completely resolved.

5. One has to be patient with this device as I find myself wanting to move on to another area too often. I have simply slowed down in this case and waited, which has proved very much more satisfactorily. Almost a max dose in each case of this happening!

Techniques of action

I have found this device works best if held in one place, however I have also used it to drag slowly down an area of my choosing enabling me to see the changes in the energy and find a better place to work, should I need one.

This has worked well for me and has produced a speeding up of the activation process of the area that was not responding well. I was pleased with that action.

It also has a tendency to purr nicely when it is done, which is satisfying to both me and to the patient. One gentleman likened it to his loving cat!


1. The sticky feels more defined with this device and more specific. It is more obvious, more quickly also.

2. Elimination is reasonably fast compared to the EX715Ag but not compared to VX735Ag. There is not a great deal in it but some between these two.


I have not yet found any real worsening. Just with one patient really.

The patient with lower back pain did worsen the following day, but that was not just due to the treatment, as the patient continued to use the action which caused the condition in the first place, only more carefully!

However after the next session the recovery was far greater.

PS705 for personal use

1. It is immediately obvious how to operate it. In fact I believe it is the easiest so far.

2. It can be used very easily everywhere really by patients between professional treatments. It can be turned on easily wherever the complaint is and like the others can be fixed in place or laid on or held to a position until it has dosed.

It doses very easily as compared to the EX715Ag and the change of sensation once it has done this is very clear to feel.

PS705 for professional use

I would not hesitate to use this model as a back up device in practice. However I would feel better to use it as a second device during a procedure rather than my first choice. At first I have used it to reinforce the information of the EX715Ag and the VX735Ag.

Some days later..

I have now used this device on its own, in session and found that it has given a treatment equal to that of the VX735Ag or EX715Ag. In professional practice, however I would still use my VX735Ag as MY first choice unless requested otherwise. I would not hesitate in using it at all, if it were the only choice!

Use in combination with other devices

I have used this device to start by doing 3 pathways, very effectively and then added the VX735Ag.

I have proceeded to use the VX735Ag to one area and at the same time then continued at the opposite position on the body with the PS705.

I have also used all 3 devices: PS705, VX735Ag and EX715Ag. Each of the devices has encouraged the dosing to hasten and although dosing in their own time, they all did dose. I believe that the full dose would not have been achieved on that occasion without all three.

I have used the PS705 simultaneously with these others to speed up the response whilst working with one device in one area and the PS705 somewhere else. This has produced a more satisfactory result, not faster, just more solid and precise.


I do not like the screw with which to open the casing to change the batteries as it is very fiddly and one can also damage the casing trying to undo it. The previous slide catch was better or as with the modified EX715Ag the small button.

I find its size can make the hand ache should one have to hold it for too long, but for home use you could lean on it rather than hold it and then that would not matter.

PS705 and EX715Ag


I like the feel of this more. It is more comfortable in the hand, shape wise. It feels more solid, so I think heavy is good!

The feel of the electrodes is more solid and smooth. It feels like a quality device on the skin. (And it now opens very beautifully!!!) Oh yes! And the battery seems to last much much longer.

It is small, a good weight and easy to keep with you.

It now has more sensitivity than before. It feels good on the skin, like it is penetrating very deeply but feeling very gentle.

It can turn to too high automatically sometimes on the face, however this can be adjusted manually.

This device can be a little confusing to understand the display for someone who is not familiar with other “LET Medical” devices. It sometimes takes a very long time to dose, in general. It has a longer procedure when it works and therefore must take on a more complicated process of action.

In short this is a powerful (equal to VX735Ag performance) small, gentle but deeply penetrable machine. Not always fast to use but very thorough. Easy to carry, efficient and effective under all circumstances.


The 705 is neat, small and light. Easy to keep with you. Easy to use.

It has a very clear display which is also simple to follow.

It seems to function very quickly and doses very well and easily (depending, of course, on the individual). Its effects and changes are easy and fast to see and feel an overall improvement.

The batteries seem to last and last so it is very economical also.

It has great power and functions very well.

It has steel electrodes, which I do not prefer but they are gentle. The feeling is more rough though than the EX715Ag. Sort of more basic! It does not feel as good on the skin as the 715 but it does work deeply.

In short a good, very powerful, handy, small, light, simple device that gives fast relief. Very proficient for home use, however I think it may be a simplified edition as compared to the EX715Ag.

PS705 – old and new version

In comparison to its predecessor, the new version of PS705 is by far the superior.

Its function is cleaner and faster, more decisive and easier to understand and to use.

Its ability to work deeply and efficiently is greatly improved. I assume this is due to its being 100% COSMODIC.

The old PS 705 was definitely not as deep or powerful a treatment at all.

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© Vivienne Constad

London, UK