Overcoming walking difficulties February 2013

Overcoming walking difficulties February 2013

I've had very tight and sore hip flexors for a good 12months now,

gradually getting worse and more and more debilitating.

Having MS has resulted in fatigue resulting in me sitting for long periods of time

which in turn leads to less and less movement in my hips so they never really get

the full range of movement.

I've been using the device in SCENAR-MYO on them

after I exercise for approximately 9 months now and although

it was improving the mobility and pain for a period of time,

it was never for longer than a few hours really.

Recently I've started to do some deeper stretches on the hip flexors

which has been helping to a degree, but I've been getting fantastic

results using the EV probe in SCENAR mode.

I've been doing deep muscle stretches and then use the probe for

just over 20 minutes in SCENAR mode and immediately I stand up

there has been no pain in my hip flexors lasting for about 36 hours.

My walking was significantly better after I'd had the treatment in that

the length of my stride was longer and my hips and gluteal

muscles felt much stronger.

I've since used the EV probe and have again noticed that the

tightness that had started to creep back into the hip flexors

went away again.

This is a massive improvement for me as it makes

walking easier as it is less painful.

I can really work on strengthening these muscles now

and know that I can then treat them successfully afterwards.


Hi Vivienne

Just thought I'd let you know of my progress with the probe.

I now alternate the mode I use between treatments, sometimes SCENAR and sometimes Slider 5, quite religiously every other night before I go to sleep for up to an hour. I was using it to work on my hip flexors originally as I'd had such a good response the first few times, as I emailed you about a few weeks ago.

A combination of having my son and a symptom of MS is bladder control, I've been taking Oxybutin for about 4 years to manage stress and urge incontinence... I haven't had a particularly problem with it and this medication has worked its magic! However, I noticed that my pelvic floor had been getting stronger, as well as using the probe I'm doing a lot of core and swiss ball work at home and the gym so thought I would see what happened if I came off the medication. That was about 3 weeks ago and I've not needed to go back on it. Before when I've tried to come off it I've only lasted about a week!

The lesions on the spinal cord which affect bladder control are on the sacral area which I know I have lesions on, although I'm not sure of the exact location, so I'm now wondering if as well as my pelvic floor getting stronger the lesions in this area might be getting smaller. I don't know what you think about this? The diet and lifestyle I follow does reduce the size of lesions but it would make sense that this would speed it up.