Viral infection

Viral Infection

Male : 60 yrs

In February of this year I caught a viral infection which, once the worst was over, left me with aching joints, a chesty cough and a feeling of general debilitation. Three weeks past and rather than improving, I felt increasingly exhausted and depressed.

As someone who is rarely ill, or out of sorts, I was somewhat alarmed. I decided that I needed to do more than take the usual proprietary medicines.

I consulted Vivienne Constad from whom I had received Cosmodic treatment once before for another matter.

Both she and my wife insisted I pay a visit to the Doctor for reassurance and antibiotics, if needed - "whatever it was" simply was not going to shift. As well as her work with Cosmodic Vivienne also suggested that I should take two additional remedies to aid the progress of my recovery, Propolis Elixir and Manuka honey.

Within a day I noticed a significant change. I suddenly realised that I felt much more like my normal self. I had a lot more energy and no longer felt so negative. After a further two days I was more or less fully recovered.