Cerebral palsy / Chronic Prostatitis

Cerebral palsy / Chronic Prostatitis


Gender / Age: Male / 21 years

Being a student at university can often mean a poor diet and lifestyle therefore we were all quite prepared for the long haul when Josh came for treatment!

Treatment was administered using EX735Ag Modific (new prototype)

Number of sessions: 2

First session:

Treatment session 1: 16.09.2011

Presented conditions: Cerebral Palsy diagnosed at 18 months. Chronic Prostatitis.

Having undergone several protocols in traditional medicine over the years, some effective temporarily and some not so. His recent treatment has been physiotherapy. This was coming to an end and as such a friend suggested that we may be able to assist.

Treatment: Slider 5

Duration : 32.31 minutes

The first session was focused by his body on just C7 and with all other work at lower lumbar.

The entire session took 32.31 minutes. Most interestingly the longest dose was 14 minutes and at C7.

All other doses were on average two minutes. the overall ratio was 7:3 however the longest dose ratio was 6:4.

After treatment: This was astonishing. On rising from the chair all Josh could say was WOW!

The pain in his lower abdomen had ceased. The pain in his prostate area although still there, had reduced to what he called, semi-discomfort. He also noticed a change in the sensation of muscles in both his legs they felt more autonomous with sensations in each muscle that he could feel. He reported that his hips felt changed, a lot more co-ordinated.

Also he had some sensation in his head. On leaving he felt that he had the feeling that his walking had improved significantly, in fact the best in all of his life!

Treatment Session 2: 20.09.2011

This day Josh reported that he had felt amazing on leaving at the last session and had managed to keep beneficial effects for a day or so more. But today was ready for the next session.

He had slight pain in the lower abdomen and also the muscles in his legs felt tight! this had only just ensued, since arrival.

Treatment: Slider 5

Duration: 28.44 minutes

Today his body had highlighted, again C7 alone at the top of the spine, all other work at mid abdomen and at each side of base of coccyx.

This was good to see. To me this showed that as suspected his real issue is gut related (all gut and immune) plus his body had featured areas that were weak. ie legs, gut! (in charge of course C7, hormones).

The longest time for working was at the abdomen for 12 minutes and 6 minutes at C7.

the average other dosing times were all less than 2 minutes. All ratios were 6:4 and 5:5.

After this session:

He had an immediate change to all areas that had been issues. Muscles were feeling good again, legs were straighter, he felt he was standing taller and then laughed his way out of my consulting room!

Several days later he sent me this note:

"Having been recommended by a family friend, I originally visited Vivienne because of my chronic prostatitis. After my first treatment the pain in my prostate had completely gone. I was also shocked to find another, far more dramatic result. I have suffered from cerebral palsy since birth which has affected motor co-ordination in both legs, and after the treatment I notice a considerable change in my walking! SCENAR Cosmodic has surpassed all my expectations and I plan to take several courses of treatment in the future. From my experiences so far I believe it has potential to unlock a world of physical possibility I could only dream of before. Thank you, Vivienne!"

Best wishes,


Josh Cheetham

Walthamstow, London E17