Vivienne Constad

About Practitioner Vivienne Constad

I have been working with people in recovery for many years now and it is always a thrill to see when a previously troubled individual

reaches a comfortable place on all levels of recovery, physiological, biological, emotional and spiritual.

It is a joy to see another person not only recover from illness or disability but also to recover and flourish emotionally and grow into their full potential....

Since I was able to speak, I have been accused and often reprimanded for always asking the question "why?"

I am quite sure that it has been this that has lead me to areas of life that could be considered as controversial, but always interesting.

* * *

Having been involved with my family business for a number of years, I moved on, seeking a more challenging scenario. Having travelled extensively I returned to further my journey back into the world of health and beauty. I qualified with a post graduate degree in health and beauty specialising in skin treatments including current new technologies of hair removal working specifically in socially deprived areas.

This led me more specifically to the understanding that to be beautiful on the outside, has a lot more to do with what is on the inside and not just on one level.

* * *

Over the following years, my journey with this understanding enabled me to seek out and become invited to and included in the lives and work of many eminent Doctors, Professors, and Spiritual Leaders in many parts of the globe.

Having spent many of my younger years following my quest for happiness, I eventually came to the place where I would settle and began another learning curve, this time with Massage, Acupressure, Osteopathic Support and Advanced Techniques and Nutrition.

I joined the Professional Register of Complementary Practitioners in 1994.

I subsequently qualified with a teaching degree with the government PTTLS at the City Lit in the City of London.

1999 I discovered S.C.E.N.A.R. After having trained, qualified and spent a year assisting a doctor in clinic with the technology I began to see the wonderful and dramatic results that could be achieved by this amazing technology.

It was in 2001 that I was invited to join Alexander Karasev (the inventor of S.C.E.N.A.R. and Scenar-Cosmodic technology) in Russia and work alongside him as part of the Russian team in research and development as well as represent his work in the world, where ever needed.

It was very clear to me and pointed out from the very beginning of my visit, that although I had been achieving good results with the technology of S.C.E.N.A.R., I was actually working with something that was quite old and although quite remarkable in its time, had now, since that time, become replaced by a much more state of the art technology.

* * *

I retrained using Scenar-Cosmodic Technology and now have the pleasure of sharing this knowledge with Doctors, Practitioners, Therapists and the home user, in many countries around the world.

To enhance my skills and increase the speed of the recovery of my patients I began the study of nutrition.

To aid my work in session and add to my proficiency, I use the Bio-Meridian Vantage system and more recently the Nano SRT system which both enable me to non invasively screen my people to see precisely what is going on with all the systems inside them and help them to understand why and how to reorganise their nutrition and lifestyle alongside the work of Scenar-Cosmodic, which helps them to help me support them through their recovery to health.

Since 2014 I have added the Quantum Infinity iLife technology system to my practice. I have found this has become like a compliment to the work that I currently undertake. I almost find it like adding the ingredients to enable the Scenar-Cosmodic to implement the methodology!

* * *