Belinda's review

Belinda's review


I recently was lucky enough to attend a course held by Vivienne Constad and Sherine Lovegrove on Holistic Therapy using the amazing Ex735 AG Modific sliding technology invented and refined by the Russian scientist Alexander Karasev

The two days were packed with information and was delivered in such a way that it held my attention completely from start to finish.

Vivienne spoke in a way that was simple and technical at the same time, sharing a wealth of experience that only comes with complete dedication in holistic healing. Sherine complimented Vivienne with her medical knowledge and other complexities used when teaching doctors and other professionals . The whole course used charts, illustration and other visual aids plus practical application time.

By the end of two days we had a really good understanding of the Cosmodic and what it was capable of plus a much better understanding of the Spine and it's various nervous systems. We were given methods of obtaining diagnosis and application of treatment protocol and how to gauge a course cycle/break period cycle. The course included a talk on Nutrition, Wellbeing,Spirituality and our responsibility for ourselves.

I found it to be a completely rounded course and well worth my while.

Belinda Hayes

Belinda - November 2012