Therapies - these are the different ways in which we are able to facilitate recovery in people

After considerable time of working with people in recovery, I have found that the best results are always when a person begins to take on responsibility for their own well being.

It is for this reason that we try to offer a full health screening procedure, in this Practice.

We do this in order that we may discover exactly what each individual requires and for each we can then customise a specific program that is easy to follow, given in a format that can be easily repeated and kept in a place which has easy access and is easy to see.

This way recovery can be motivating, stimulating and also a learning curve for some.

We use several specific Modalities in this practice. We get the best results when we use all three together, but it is totally up to the individual. We often work often alongside Consultants, Practitioners, Doctors, Therapists and Nutritionists.

We use The Bio-Meridian Vantage System to enable a full nutritional screening program and also to promote any additional supplements that would be required. (Although we do not sell product).

We also follow the First Line Therapy Program. When we implement this into a recovery program we can measure many other body measurements i.e. height, weight, BMI, intra / extra cellular levels or condition, fat mass, body hydration and so on ...

We also use The Quantum Infinity iLife system.

In addition to these modalities we offer the Lympha Press®

The main function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph (a fluid that contains infection fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. The system consists of lymphatic vessels that are connected to lymph nodes where the lymph is filtered. A healthy lymphatic system allows the body to rid itself of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus are all part of the lymphatic system.

A healthy elimination process, in our opinion, is the correct pathway to optimum health. Well-functioning kidney, liver and lungs, along with a robust digestive and lymph system is the way to a clean body. A buildup of toxins and waste in any system will create an environment for disease.

The lymph should be a clear colourless liquid. According to The Mayo Clinic plasma leaves the cells, once it has delivered nutrients and picked up waste, and returns mostly to the venous circulation through venules. The rest becomes lymph. The lymph flows in one direction (unlike the blood which is looped,) upwards towards the neck. Lymphatic vessels connect 2 subclavian veins, and the fluid re-enters the circulatory system.

The most common ailments of the lymphatic system are enlargement of the lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), blockages of the lymph nodes (lymphedema) and cancers involving the lymphatic system. Inflammatory or auto-immune conditions can also result in enlargement of lymph nodes.

The majority of enlarged lymph nodes are not dangerous and are a result of the body fighting infection.

Lymphedema can be alleviated with various non-invasive treatments like elevation, compression and physical therapy.

The modality that I use in my clinic is the Lympha press. I have found this to be most effective to support a variety of health and well-being issues.

Below and overleaf is the information regarding the Lympha Press. We use this device regularly to treat important health issues as well as for anti-aging, weight loss and well-being..

This is a high quality compression therapy system, suitable for individual limbs; bilateral arm, leg, torso, groin, genital and abdominal treatments. Using Lympha Press products compliments manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatments, to help dramatically improve patient health.

We integrate the use of Cosmodic - S.C.E.N.A.R. in order to give informational recovery to the brain.

Once the brain has realised that it has been regenerating cell tissue to an incorrect pattern and corrected this, a healthy nutritional balance is restored and when other imbalances in lifestyle are addressed, the body will simply recover to its best ability.

We offer a complete program that we can repeat on a monthly basis tracking and measuring one's progress throughout the program and on to recovery.