Testing PS705. Patient 8. Poisoning

© Vivienne Constad

February 10, 2006

Presented condition

Condition presented on arrival – poisoning.


Headaches and pains in the whole body.

Stomach disorders

General fogginess in head and inability to think straight

Case history

Patient Details: Male 47yrs

Previously alcoholic, and some drug abuse. Looks after his health now. Taking care of health in many alternative ways.

Has had previous session with me before and is now much improved but condition began to return this week.


Worked 3 pathways, then started with most activity at C7 all head and neck area was very reactive plus some activity higher than normal to right shoulder.

All work through collar and neck areas created head sensations. Re created the burning sensations he complained of before treatment (mildly).

Achieved good results to abdomen, both sides and spine. Dosed a couple of times.

Again wherever working the sensations were all in the head and around the ears.

Session 35 minutes.

After session he commented that the sensations everywhere were much less, he felt much more at ease in himself and a little tingle at the base of the skull.