EX735Ag Slider x 2

Overall comments:

Slider x 2


  • Very beautiful.

  • Nice handle (to feel nice in the hand)

  • Nice to have two separate menu’s to use.

  • Ease of changing settings

  • Ease of selecting and deselecting settings

As lovely as Slider x 1 to look at and feel.

Things I liked less:

1. (In particular for new users, hardware and workings of device).

Turning on and off, feels hesitant – some can think there it is faulty when really, it is to save accidentally touching the button when working.

2. That it doesn’t default back to scenar- cosmodic-Sl-Auto, when turned on for another time after being used.

3. Sensitivity is so high that SENSO is too easily sensed and although you can deselect it, it is still hard to make contact in some cases.

This is not just animals but some people also which makes me think that it is not an animal issue but a body type issue.

For example sometimes but not always, when wetting area to get contact, in a slider, scenar or cosmodic mode nothing will happen or on some occasions if insisted it will make contact and fly through the dose in less than 27 seconds.

I did not detail MYO here as I did not do this myself but I think someone else did this currently.

4. Working on the body and subsequent reactions:

  • Chronic I am finding that both Slider x 1 and x 2 give more subtle changes to individuals overall. Regeneration from so deeply internal that it is too hard to sense for some unless they have at least 6 sessions.

  • Acute skeletal injury and trauma is less dramatically changing in the moment. Both in pain and reduced swelling etc however in some immediate mobility is created in joints and for example a man with no movement in arm due to stroke, suddenly in one session with me was able to rotate a previously stuck shoulder and elbow! After first spinal work followed by scenar MYO to both rotator cuff and elbow and hand and wrist. Each session this increases again.

5. The following day, many people have reported a worsening of detox symptoms and on some a worsening of their complaint symptoms and tiredness for a day before an improvement.

In many this is after no result in session at all.

There appear to be different types or categories of people.

  • 1. Those who have no sense of any changes at session who get worse next day.

  • 2. Those who immediately feel worse and stay so, until the next day, when things improve.

  • 3. Those who get immediate subtle changes that increase over a whole week.

  • 4. Those who get immediate changes but subtle and lasts for a couple of hours only, then nothing more until next session. (these people I get to come back sooner).

So in all, many clients are feeling great about their recovery and mostly these are the ones that are not giving up easily, but doing as I tell them in making changes to diet and lifestyle as well as my working.

Those that are a bit lazy, if they do not feel better after a third session they go away altogether and say – oh! This is not working at all! Even if I can physically see that they are actually much better, but they just don’t feel good yet!

Given two or three weeks, they call or write and say - although I am not able to return yet, I do feel quite different and know that I am recovering still.